The 10 Best China Travel Agencies

Whether you are visiting mainland China for the first or the umpteenth time, you will need the services of China travel agencies. You realize that this is a humongous country, with so many tourist attractions. Without a good tour agency organizing your itinerary for you, you may actually miss more than you will see. Thus, whether you are looking for a group or an independent tour of China, let one of the 10 travel agents for China that we will discuss here help you.

It is best to look online for the best travel agency. The reason for this is that you will want to plan for your travel days in advance. From making accommodation arrangements to booking flights, trains and buses to various destinations, a travel agent will literally do all the footwork for you.

You will enjoy yourself much better in a new country when you have someone taking care of the details of the itinerary for you.

1. Trip.Com

Hop onto the homepage of Trip.Com and you will see that there is always a good deal going down. brings you travel packages to China from many dealers. One thing that many travelers to China appreciate on this website is that it is a one-stop for everything that you would need to travel to China.

From flights, plane tickets, hotels, car rentals  and so on, any tenet of traveling that you can think about is offered on this website. That they bring deals from many companies ensures that they bring some of the most competitive deals around.

We can say this is one of the best China travel companies because of their fantastic search engine. Just click one tab and it will bring you almost all the information that you need. For example, if you click the hotels tab, it will bring you a selection of major cities.

You can choose the city that you are traveling to, choose the date of travel on the calendar and the number of people that you will be traveling with. Once you press the search button, you will be brought all the available hotels, their ratings and their prices. The same also happens when booking train and flight tickets.

They also have a few resources that you may find very helpful. For example, you should know about their cancellation policy, how you can choose the right train type and seat.


2. Travel China Guide

You can book train tickets through this company to any part of China. There is no one time when you will regret using them. If you check the reviews left by customers who have used this company on Tripadvisor, you will understand why it is one of the top China travel websites.

But even without reading reviews left by other users, you can check the website and see for yourself. First, it is so easy to navigate. You will find everything that you need on the homepage.

For China tours, you will most likely want to go to the tab marked China Tours. There, you will find everything about traveling to China. However, there is also information about traveling to other parts of Asia.

If you want to book flights or trains, you can just go to the tabs indicated as so. You will see all the trains heading to the major cities in China, dates and times of departure and arrival.

If you would like to join a small group tour and save money, Travel China Guide brings you that information. You will also find information regarding independent tours if you would like to arrange for one.

When reviews say that Travel China Guide is the one stop center for travel in China, it is because every word about that is true.



3. China Highlights

When you get to China or to any other country for the first time, you want to catch the highlights first. Granted, you will never see everything on the first trip but your hunger can be sated a bit if you see the highlights first. That is why the China Highlights is the best China Travel Agency for you, as they have experience spanning more than 20 years, and they know what every visitor should see in China.

Right there on the home page, you will see the most popular destination in China. No guesswork …  just go right into the heart of the matter here! But that is not all, because the website also has some very helpful articles about the best time of the year to visit different places in China.

They make many promises, as you will no doubt see when you get on the homepage, and we know that promises make travelers wary. However, what they say makes a lot of sense. For example, they say that they will take you to restaurants that are off the beaten path so that you can have an authentic Chinese experience. This means that you will not be tossed into one of the big hotels that remind you of home.

With money back guarantee for their packages, well, this is a good travel company. Besides, they have won several awards, including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.



From 1998, CITS has been giving both first and umpteenth time travelers to China an unparalleled experience in choosing the best tour packages, flights and the best sights. You will love their organization on the homepage. You can choose the kind of tour that you want to take easily.

First, they have a section for overall top ten tours in China, then they have a section of top tours in different cities as well as the world heritage sites. Since there are thousands of attractions in China, it is better to see the biggest ones on the first visit if you will stay only a short time. CITS makes it possible to see these and many more.

Sometimes, it is hard to find English speaking tour guides. While there are many who speak English, most of it is not comprehensive to westerners. All the guides that you will find on CITS speak English very well. When you want a 5-star tour arranged for you, you will be booked into the best hotels, restaurants, flights and trains.

Whether you want a group tour or independent tour, this travel agency will prepare everything for you. Right off their homepage, you will see their top tours so that you can choose what you want without wasting your time.

The best thing however is that you will get the opportunity to create a customized tour plan for yourself, down to the smallest detail.


5. China Odyssey Tours

Many things make China Odyssey Tours the best of many China travel websites. One of them is that this is the one-stop-center for everything that you need to know about traveling to China. When you get to their website, you will see just what we mean.

They are not like other travel agencies that try to sell you a package even when all that you are looking for is information. This company educates you on many fronts first, and then they help you choose the best package to meet your travel needs.

Get a tailor-made tour package, just for you. However, if you are for group tours, those too can be arranged for you. They will arrange your China travel to the last and smallest detail, and when you leave, you will have an authentic Chinese experience.

China Odyssey Tours offers different types of tour packages. Tour lengths are arranged from two days onward. Whether you have kids, are traveling alone or you are a senior, there is a tour package for you. You just have to tell one of the representatives what you need and they will customize a package for you.

One of the most popular tour packages from China Odyssey is the classic sightseeing one. This is customized with handpicked hotels, attractions and flexible schedules. A classic sightseeing tour is what you need to give you an authentic China experience.  

All inquiries via email are replied to within 24 hours.


6. Tour Beijing

Based in the city of Beijing, you can say that this travel agency is located right where you would love to start your tour of China. Whether you are traveling to China in spring, summer, winter or fall, these people can organize a good, customized tour package for you.

Whether you want to have a private tour in china, or you would be willing to join a small group, there are all types of packages. You may also choose to tour by coach, by train or even by car. Whatever your preference is, this China travel agency has everything that you may need.

With resources such as China top 10 places to guide you, Shanghai top places, Xian top places and other similar articles, you can choose what you need to include in your touring itinerary from the word go. Tour Beijing is not just a travel agency, but it also informs travelers on the attractions that most people miss when they visit China.

Sometimes, you just want to work with a credible our operator who will arrange your tour from scratch to completion. This means having them arrange for everything including airport transfer, dining, and traveling to various destinations.

It is very easy to book a China tour online with this website. All that you need to do is choose a tour, get a quote for the tour, make adjustments if any to the tour and once you are satisfied, just pay. Methods of payment include Alipay, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and others.


7. Top China Travel

If this is your first time traveling to China, you want a tour itinerary that contains at least everything. However, you also want to see the most important things first. You will need a good China travel agency to help you create a proper itinerary. Whatever you do, the itinerary must include a cultural tour, for that is the only thing that is going to give you a firsthand impression of China.

This travel service has been recommended five years in a row by TripAdvisor. It is easy to see why. They reply to all inquiries within 24 hours, they customize China inbound travel packages to meet different needs. When you contract them to arrange your China tour for you, they will arrange for airport transfer, dining, hotels, flights, trains and even car hire if you need one.

Most of the time, Top China Travel offers discounts to customers. For example, you may find that an 11 day tour is being offered on a discount. The price reduces, but the package contents remains the same. However, even without a discount, you will still want to have Top China Travel arrange the our for you.

On their website, you will find more information about China, weather, different tour packages and many more, anything to get you started.


8. Into China Travel

With China attracting millions of visitors from other countries each year, with so many China Travel websites blooming up everywhere, it can be hard to choose the best one to arrange your tour for you. If you are traveling to China, you would like someone else to take the burden of putting the itinerary together while you take care of your travel arrangements.

This is where the Into China Travel company comes in. They will organise your tour for you. Whether you are only going to China for a short time or you would like to take more than a few weeks, they will have the right package ready, something that will enable you to see everything important.

Into China Travel will arrange Sichuan Tours, Yunnan, Tibet, Silk Road and Great Wall tours for you. Simply put, every important place in China, every place that is worth a visit is included in your itinerary.

In the FAQ section of the website, you will find that almost all of your questions have been anticipated and answered. You will also see the prices per person, price when you want to tour China in a group of two, three, four, five or even more. You will find that group rates are more affordable than personal rates.

You will also see the cancellation policy and the percentages charged for that. That way, you need to be very sure when cancelling so that you do not wait until the last day, in which case you would forfeit all the money that you had paid.


9. China Tour

There are different ways to tour China. It can be by river cruises, car tours, coach tours and even train tours. China is a vast country with thousands of things to see, some of them in the major cities and some hidden far away in the country. This is why you need the China Tour company to arrange a good itinerary for you, which will include the best of everything.

Straight from the homepage, they let you see the most popular tours so that you can choose what you want. From 8-day tours for people who are traveling in China for just a few days, to 15 tour days, there is something for everyone on this company.

Train booking in China can be quite a quagmire, and is always confusing for many foreigners. However, the best China travel websites always help you out. China Tour is going to help you with all train as well as flight bookings.

All guided tours are conducted by English speaking guides. Thus, you do not have to worry about communication barrier, although it is a good idea to know several words of greeting in the most popular languages, don’t fret if you cannot speak any local dialect.

Contrary to what many people think, traveling to China through a travel agency is actually more beneficial than doing all the leg work. Let China Tour do the hard job for you while you prepare to travel.


10. China Discovery

Would you like to discover China by high speed train, car, bus or through river cruises? Well, you are in good hands if you will let China Discovery arrange the itinerary for you. One thing that you will love about the representatives of this website is that they know what you want. You just want to catch all the highlights of the country in the time that you have dedicated to your travels.

When you travel to China, always start with the most popular places. For example, this China Travel agency will advise you to start your tour with the popular gateway cities and then take up other places.

All tours are customized to meet all of your needs. While we all love traveling to China, the truth is that we all have different travel needs. China travel companies can meet our specific needs and China Discovery offers such packages. You will get this through the one-on-one service offered by the pleasant representatives.

If you want value for money, China Discovery will give it to you. You can email them, they reply in less than 24 hours.



China is vast and it has so many places for you to see. That is why you need the best China travel companies to help you out. The ten we have reviewed here give the best value for money all the time, as you can see from reviews left by other people who have used them. Always ask for a customized tour if you can afford it because it allows you to handpick your own places, as compared to a group tour, which may not have enough flexibility.

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