The 10 Reasons Chinese Women Marry Foreign Men

A few days ago, a report said that many women in Shanghai expressed their minds of marrying foreign men, and some people started to do the business of introducing Chinese ladies to foreign men.

Why Chinese women are proud of marrying foreign men. I think there are several reasons:

Chinese women marry foreign men1. In Chinese woman’s mind,  foreign men are richer, so marrying foreign men means a lot of money for them. At present, China is still a developing country and not rich, so finding a foreign husband is like marrying a purse. Many Chinese women try to go abroad to marry foreigners, if they can not go abroad, at least they want to marry men from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

2. Marrying a foreign man means good social status. China now is always trying to attract foreign investors and many Chinese people worship all foreign things; so marrying a foreign man is naturally followed by the rise in social status.

3. Marrying foreign man can meet Chinese woman’s vanity. All Chinese women have vanity, marrying foreign men can achieve their own goals and please their vanity.

4. Marrying a foreign man is a springboard to achieve their purpose of going abroad. Many Chinese people want to go abroad, but most do not have opportunities,  so marrying a foreign man can achieve their purpose of going abroad easily.

5. Chinese women think foreign men are more gentlemanly. They often learn from western movies that foreign men are very polite and gentle; naturally these gentlemen attract a large number of Chinese women.

6. Marrying foreign men can meet their own freshness and curiosity. They already get used to Chinese men and are too familiar with their life style, so they want to make some changes.

7. Some Chinese women build up relationships in their daily life, naturally they will marry foreign men. Some Chinese women study abroad or work in foreign-funded enterprises in China, so they have many chances to communicate with foreign men. Of course, these women will marry foreign men after they have affections.

8. They like foreigners’ living habits and customs; they want to pursue foreign life style through international marriage. Some Chinese women begin to like foreign life style from childhood through literature or media, so they would like to achieve their purpose through marrying foreign men.

9. Chinese women think foreign countries can achieve the equality between men and women. Chinese always have concept that men are superior to women, so chinese women marry foreign men and hope to have equal life and work opportunities in foreign land.

10. Some foreign countries put forward preferential policies to attract Chinese talents; naturally some talented Chinese women also have chances. If they move and work abroad, usually their first choice is to marry foreign men.

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19 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    How about for love? Or are Chinese women incapable of marrying simply out of love? Or is this just another stereotypically racist diatribe of Chinese ignorance?

  2. Grant says:

    How you find chinese wemon that wont make you pay for them and would be interested in an australian

  3. Li says:

    Everybody wants a better life not only Chinese women and it’s not a shame, meanwhile we Chinese women do marry someone for love, it’s also by nature. The point is to marry the one who is able to be loved by a woman. Only if you are a losser having got lost in chasing a Chinese lady , you would conclude with the above dirty and ignorant trash. I have been living in a foreign country working with my intelligence and hardworking mentality, I’m a proud and independent Chinese lady. Stop insulting the whole group of chinese women.

  4. James says:

    I disagree, I think the local girls only want foreigners as part of their desires to spread influence abroad.

  5. Pedro says:

    I ve been in China for almost three years. Chinese women are wonderful.they only care about their husbands and their families. You can experience true love with them.

  6. Jack says:

    women in general are gold digging whores. That is why Asian Caucasian relationships are disproportionately WMAW.

  7. Jerry says:

    Maybe they also could marry a foeriner because of love?

  8. janet says:

    I am from China,I am32 years old telephone no.15717900421

  9. To the father says:

    Hahahhahaha, loved ur comment , I can’t stop laughing , gd 1 .
    I’m a Sudanese and I’m living in china, and I get the best respect and the best treatment in here

    • Someone says:

      Are you proud of your Sudanese face or are you praising Chinese people’s kindness? it was for me the former which makes me feel disgusting and belittle you!!!!
      You should feel ashamed about the way you expressed and be thankful of how you are treated in China. God knows how it can be difficult to be treated like a robot in a foreign country as a foreigner there. Thanks for nice and helpful Chinese people, your life in China can be not so tough as it could be!!!
      As an expat having been lived in different countries in Europe and others, I can say Chinese people are really OVER nice to foreigners that none of us could get the same treatment in many other countries. But I think this will change soon and you will NOT be treated as the same way as present, so enjoy it now!!!
      I give you an advice: treat Chinese people with the same kindness but not take it as something you naturally should get!

  10. Ben says:

    Fellas, a little bit of advice: if you want to marry a Chinese girl, WATCH OUT FOR HER FAMILY

  11. Hakury says:

    Something is seriously wrong with you ….

  12. some guy says:

    rubbish article once again

    I’ll give you just one reason: their overblown insecurities.

    most foreigners in china are the rubbish leftovers of their home country, for which they could no longer make a living there and have a horrible life – due to their inability of various reasons. So then they decide to come to China to fuck a bunch of women and enjoy celebrity status. Once they’ve scammed enough money in China, they will leave the country – and the women they’ve fucked.

    bottom line: they are broke as hell!!!

    oh, and, don’t need to thank me for the truth.

    • Father of "some guy" says:

      I am sure some foreigners fucked you too…..thats why you are so upset and angry….and please don’t thank me for this truth too….

      I just want to say that think positive then you will see positive things….every society has bad and good people….Chinese society has too but you just focus on foreigners because………..i have mentioned the reason above….. :p

    • Mike Nonon says:

      I agree with you, in my community, several families marry woman from China. These foreign women only care about other’s income, property, assets etc. They claim they married their American husband not for money. The truth is: They married their American husband not ONLY for money. Bunch of sxxx bxxxxes and of course, bunch blind stupid American men…..hahaha…

    • Ali says:

      may be same liek you from some african

    • Takeitorleaveit says:

      Lmfao your delusional!! Its completely the other way around!! Case in point the Vancouver Canada housing market. Do you know what’s happening there? It is ridiculously expensive as Chinese gangs and criminals are using that market to clean their dirty money. A lot of Chinese people are said to have taken big business loans in their own country and then come here and use that money. Meanwhile defaulting on the loan in their own country. And no I am not trying to be rude or say anything I have a lot of Chinese friends who I love but come on man your basically saying other people are going to China doing the shit that they are doing in Canada…

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