Top 7 Beauty Trends in China

The Chinese market for beauty and personal care products is booming, with a predicted growth rate of 7%. There are many opportunities in this industry as it has grown to over $55 million USD last year.

The rise of social media influences means that people no longer feel embarrassed about their purchases – which makes them more willing than ever before toward spending money on high-end brands. In China specifically, there’s been evidence suggesting an increase among young adults who hold aspirations beyond simply adequate living standards but ones often associated only through fantasies seen played out online or witnessed during travels abroad; these consumers have higher expectations when shopping at stores both domestic and international.

There is no single strategy that will work with everyone so you must tailor each aspect according to what best fits into these changing times!

1. Natural ingredients

As the population continues to age, there is an increased demand for skincare products with natural ingredients that can provide benefits over time. Chinese consumers are willing pay a higher price point if their purchase provides these types of luxuries in comparison to synthetic alternatives because they have more money now than ever before due growing affluence levels within China’s middle class population.

What’s so green about it? With 54% of young people saying plant-based beauty care was important when asked what kind of concepts do you want most from your skin treatment today – chances are good this trend will be around long after people stop using words like “green.”

2. Digital

China has been a major player in e-commerce for some time now. They were the first to embrace mobile phones and smartphones, which paved an easy way into online shopping through apps like WeChat or Alibaba Tianma Shopping Platforms (ASP). Nowadays it’s almost impossible not have internet access so many people there rely on these platforms; they’re also cheaper than foreign brands–meaning everyone can afford them!

3. Use of live streaming

The use of live streaming to sell products has been around for a while, but it’s increasingly popular year after year. Influences often host special events where they’ll only have limited quantities and these can be sold out quickly due to how powerful this marketing technique is in driving both awareness as well as sales. Advantages include: quick increases in popularity on social media platforms which leads people wanting your product or service come find you through search engines like Google; increased brand recognition because viewers know exactly what they’re getting themselves into before buying (they understand why); discounts are offered by some companies when consumers buy online using their app.

4. Beauty for men

As it turns out, the Chinese beauty market has been skewed in favor of men. According to research from Euromonitor, last year 63% percent of male respondents use cleansing milk lotion or face cream! The main reason behind this trend is due to past social values that favored boys over girls; however with China’s one-child policy now finally lifted there will likely be plenty more young ladies than bachelors coming up so these numbers may change soon enough…

5. The China Beauty Expo

This year, the China Beauty Expo attracted more than 412 thousand attendees from 80 countries. It was able to see innovative new products and technology for beauty tools as well as trends introduced at this year’s event! The exhibition is becoming increasingly popular among those visitors who want access to many great deals on quality items made in china so they can enjoy them without spending too much money or carrying their purchases back home themselves.

6.Increase in make-up products sale

The gradual shift in China’s beauty culture towards a more westernized aesthetic is clear with the popularity of base makeup products. Base Makeup saw 257% growth year-on-year, making it one of the fastest growing categories overall and evidence that this shift may have already begun happening previously thought when discussing how skincare was king before recent years’ trends showed consumers desired color cosmetics instead!

7. The economy

The Asian market for beauty products is a growing one. In China alone, the skin care and cosmetic industries have grown by more than 17% over the last decade – which makes it an attractive target market with an increasing number of people buying premium priced items from brands they know and trust!

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