Top 10 Chinese Online Shopping Sites

There are many online shopping websites in China. Various online shopping stores deal in different categories of  items like electronics, phones, clothes, footwear, gardening tools, etc. Here is a list of some trusted online shopping eCommerce websites in China that may help you buy products online easily from China.

The below shopping sites are in Chinese, if you are looking for English language Chinese shopping websites, please check:

Top 10 China Online Shopping Websites in English

1. 淘宝网      Taobao logo is the most popular online shopping site in China. It is a consumer-to-consumer retail site. It provides a platform for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to open online retail stores. It features great abundance of various items and cheap prices.  Due to the products are usually offered  by small business owners, buyers need be very careful buying things, you should check several aspects including the shop credit, costumer’s satisfaction rate and comments before making your final decision.

2. 京东网

Jd is the largest B2C online retailer in China. It provides about 400,000 new products including cell phones, home appliances, apparel, wedding events, electronics, books and more. It also has an English version website It features fast delivering service and guaranteed product quality. The main drawback is it does not support instant online customer service and its customer-service phone is hard to get through.

3. 当当网

Dangdang, often likened to, is China’s largest online book store. Dangdang sells over 200,000 kinds of  books and 10,000 kinds of software and audio products. In recent years, it has expanded to an online department store selling products including beauty, electronics, clothing, 3C digital and other categories.

4. 天猫

tmall is a business-to-consumer online retail store, a sisiter site of It provides a platform where many local Chinese and international brands sell quality products to consumers. On 11.11, 2014, China’s unofficial Singles’ Day, Tmall saw a record record-breaking day with the transactions amount hitting 57.1 billion renminbi, or $9.3 billion for a single day.

5. 1号店

Yihaodian is a Chinese online business-to-consumer store. It is like an online supermarket, sers can buy various groceries, any household products you can imaging.

6. 卓越亚马逊

amazon cn is a Chinese shopping website owned by It provides more than 20 million items including books, music, videos, electronics, appliances, jewelries, office supplies and many other items.

7. 苏宁易购

suning is oringally an online B2C electrical store, owned by one of the largest electrical appliance retailers in China. Now it already covers traditional household appliances, 3C appliances, daily necessities and other items.

8. 美团网

Meituan is an online group buying website just like Groupon. It is the biggest one among the similar service providers.

9. 凡客诚品

Vancl mainly specilises a variety of men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. This site offers trendy casual clothes and stylish formal attire with good quality and reasonable prices

10. 国美在线

gome belongs to China’s second-largest home appliances and electronics retailer. Its commodity scope covers the traditional large appliances, 3c Digital, food, clothing and other categories.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Hello, thanks for the list, I have seen a site that also mentions Dhgate, is it reliable? Dhgate

  2. Edy Velasquez says:

    Hello, could you help me with a question?
    I am looking for a store similar to taobao to send to Brazil, so that I can do dropshipping on my website.
    Because the only option here is aliexpress.

  3. Boris says:

    Chinese shoppings sites they come and they go. We made a list of 25 chinese shops for 2014. We hope this is helpful:

  4. Carla Pinheiro says:

    I’m interested in linen, cutlery, plates etc etc. Have you got good quality or can u recommend someone

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