Top 8 Chinese Clothing Websites

What is the best site to buy from China? Specifically, what is the best Chinese clothing website?

Well, you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are looking to buy clothing in retail or in wholesale for your business in your country, many sites have what you need.

China’s textile industry is incredibly huge. This is something that is known all over the world. However, if you are a trader in your home country, going to China to negotiate with the manufacturers face to face is not always an option.

But all is not lost.

In the 21st century, buying online is the way to go. Why send an entire shopping team to China, face all those expenses while you can do all of your clothing shopping online?

Keep reading to see the best sites to shop from.

In this section, you will see 8 of the best Chinese clothing sites. In addition, we shall also look at the features that make a good site for shopping for clothes, whether you want to buy in bulk on a B2B basis or you want to buy on a B2C basis.

1. Made in China

made in china clothing shopping site



This site brings users a lot of variety. With tens of thousands of vendors selling their items on this site at any given time, you can be sure that you will get what you need. It is also one of the most renowned online to offline selling sites. Besides, the vendors are verified and so you are assured of never losing your money.

Quality and price

The most unique thing about this site is that it brings manufacturers on board. Therefore, you will get the lowest prices possible, which you can be sure cannot be matched on other sites.

Since most vendors on the site are also manufacturers, you will get almost similar prices for the same items. However, there is no problem in trying your luck with different manufacturers before you settle for one.

Minimum Order Quantity

Whether you are looking for kids, women, men or youth apparel, you will get them here. However, there is a small catch here. When you deal with manufacturers directly, you will most likely be asked to order a large minimum quantity.

You will communicate on Wechat, Skype or email. Once you have agreed on the price and minimum quantity, you can pay up and wait for the processing and delivery of your order.

Payment Options

The payment options available to you include PayPal, credit card, Western Union and others.

Shipping Methods

The seller will give you options for shipping which are mostly by air or sea. Usually, goods will arrive at your port of choice on the agreed time.

2. Alibaba

alibaba china wholesale website


The Jack Maa-owned eCommerce site is a one-stop center for electronics, apparel, appliances, machinery and many more. In this case, our main interest is clothing. When you get on the site, just click the button labeled “Apparel” on the left side menu and you will get access to all the clothing vendors on the site.

Quality Assurance

First, you are assured that the quality of the items that you will see on the site is what you will get when the items are shipped to you. Your online payment and order is protected through Trade Assurance. In addition, should the shipping date or the quality vary from what you had agreed with the supplier/manufacturer, Alibaba helps you settle the dispute amicably.

It also ensures that you get your money back when it comes to that. If you would like to shop with peace of mind, this is the site to buy from.


Get all the variety that you need. There are sports apparel, outdoor recreation clothing, official wear for men, women and youth. You will also get a wide variety of children’s apparel. You can shop by what is trending, new arrivals, discounted deals and many more.

B2B customers can make their orders for OEM/ODM services. ODM means original design manufacturer where the Chinese manufacturer can design and manufacture apparel, which you can then brand for sale as yours. Meet ODM manufacturers on this site.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity differs from seller to seller. If you are a B2B customer and you are negotiating with a manufacturer, the minimum order can be a bit high. It can be anywhere from 200 pieces or more. However, anytime, you can check for minimum order items under different categories.

Payment Methods

Alibaba has what they call Secure Payment Method. The money you agree with the supplier to pay is kept in escrow by Alibaba. When the goods are delivered and you confirm they are fine, the payment is released to the seller.

Payment methods include Credit cards, telegraphic transfer, Web Money, Western Union, QIWI and Yandex. In addition, there are specialized payment methods/arrangements for American and European buyers.


Shipping methods include sea for bulk quantities, courier for smaller packages, say, like 100kg and air for goods weighing up to 800kg. You will pay for shipping, so you have to choose the most convenient for you.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress shopping site

The biggest trading companies in China buy clothing items in bulk from manufacturers and then sell them at fair prices on AliExpress. Because there are many such large traders on the site, you will find that prices seem almost the same across board.


When you make your purchase through AliExpress, you will be covered by their Buyer Protection Program. The payment is released only after you have gotten the goods in the quality that you ordered them. If you do not get your items delivered within 60 days and there has been no outside circumstances affecting the delivery, you can be reimbursed.

Minimum Order

Unless you are ordering items in bulk from manufacturers to resell on AliExpress, there is no specified minimum order. This is what makes the site popular with many small to medium-size traders.

Payment methods

The accepted payment methods on AliExpress are credit card, Western Union, Payment Market and PayPal. You can also use MercadoPago and bank transfer.

Shipping Methods

For speedy delivery, you can choose DHL, UPS, FedEx, EMS and China Post. These shipping methods are not free.

If you do not mind waiting, you can try the free shipping methods such as China Post for some select items. You may also use the seller’s free shipping method if they have one.

4. DHgate

DHgate shopping site

With more than 15 years of being in business, this site has all manner of apparel and it caters to the needs of small, medium and even large scale traders.

One of the best things about this site is that it is so easy to use. Click your mouse on a product and under it, you will see the price, the name of the supplier and other details. This enables you to make faster decisions.

You will be amazed at the variety. There are thousands of suppliers on this platform. They offer diverse and similar items at good prices.

Minimum Order

Buy anything from 1 to 1000s of pieces of items of your choice. This means there is no minimum quantity but this may affect the price. For example, if you buy 30 pieces of an item and another one buys 2000 pieces, they may get a quantity discount.

Buyer Protection

This is a safe Chinese clothing store available on the internet. The reason for saying this is that payment is held by the site and it is only released to the seller when you get the goods and check that they are what you ordered.

Payment Methods

You will get a variety of these. Credit cards, Apple Pay, Online bank transfer, Skrill and many others are some of the choicest methods to use here.

Shipping Methods

You can use sea and air freight, China Post Mail, ePacket and Express among others. You can agree with the seller on the best shipping method to use.

5. LightInTheBox

lightinthebox china shopping site

From weddings and events, womens clothing, children’s and men’s items, shoes and bags, baby and kids and many more, there is no shortage of clothing items on the LightInTheBox site.  This site ships clothing products to more than 200 countries in the world.

Buyer Protection

We found out that you can get a refund from LightInTheBox easily. You will just have to fill a form with your details and outline the problem with the items that you purchased. You are encouraged to upload photos showing the fault in the items. You may have to wait for some time to get a reimbursement, but it will happen.

Minimum Order Quantity

There is no minimum order on the site. You can buy in retail or wholesale.

Payment Methods

The easiest method to use for payment  is PayPal, but it is not the only one. You may also use credits cards. They also accept cards specific to certain countries such as Brazil’s Hippercard, Belgium’s Visa Dankort and France’s CarteBancaier.

Shipping Methods

There are no free shipping methods on LightInTheBox. The most common paid ones include TNT, DHL, FedEx and UPS for courier services. For bulky purchases, you may use air or sea freight.

6. Shein

shein clothing site

If you are a trader specializing in women’s fashion items, you will probably find yourself on the Shein site. This Chinese clothing store is not only easy to navigate, but it also offers you the trending options in female fashion. It also brings you men and children’s clothing items.

Quality and buyer protection

Shein promises you that all the traders on its site are credible and verified. In that case therefore, there are ways to get back your money if the items you ordered are not delivered or if they are not in the quality agreed on. However, there is a small catch because the claim must be made within 5 days of delivery with the carrier.

Minimum Order Quantity

There is no minimum order on Shein. You can buy things for retail or on a wholesale basis easily. However, if you buy in large quantities, you might get free shipping.

Shipping Methods

If you buy an order exceeding a certain amount. Express shipping is available for the US except for a few states.  Express shipping costs about $13 but it can also be free if you buy items costing more than $100. At the same time, standard shipping, which takes longer to deliver costs from $4 but it can be free for big orders.

Payment Methods

You can pay via PayPal or you can pay with credit card. Many international credit card logos are accepted. You will be taken to a secure page where you can enter your card details without fear.

7. Zaful clothing site

This Chinese clothing website is dedicated to clothing alone. We feel that dealing exclusively with one line of products makes it easy for them to provide quality to small, medium and big shoppers on the website. It is the one-stop center for trendy clothing from China.

Buyer protection

You have 30 days from the day of delivery to return the product that you bought on Zaful if it is faulty. However, sometimes, the sizes may not always run true. Apart from that issue, the quality is assured and the items that you order are delivered pretty much in the promised quality.

Minimum order quantity

There is a minimum order of 50 items for wholesalers. The same option is given to drop shippers. When you buy goods above a certain amount, you might get free shipping.

Payment Methods

You can pay using PayPal, credit cards, credit card through PayPal for US customers, Western Union, Wire Transfer, Zaful gift cards and others. Security for your identifiable information is guaranteed irrespective of the payment method that you choose.

Shipping Methods

Zaful offers shipping and delivery to your doorstep through your local post office or you may have to collect your items at the local post office. They have Express shipping, which can take a few days but costs more and standard shipping which can take a longer time but is cheaper. Free shipping might not be available.

8. Lovelywholesale clothing website

This is a Chinese clothing store that specializes in high quality but affordable fashion items for men, women, children and youth. The site has a large social media following and gets millions of visitors every year. Since 2005, they have been the one-stop center for affordable fashion items. However, please note that they mostly offer women’s trendy items.

Quality Assurance

This site takes customer care very seriously. Feedback, product returns and even complaints are welcomed. You are assured that the items you will buy on this site come from verified wholesalers and suppliers. For returns, you will be required to fill a customer survey online and submit. The customer care team gets in touch 24 hours later.

Minimum Order Quantity

There are no minimum orders on this site. You can order one to thousands of items.

Payment methods

PayPal is the most popular payment method here. It is followed by credit cards and money order. You can also pay with PayPal through your credit card.

Shipping Options

You can use the standard shipping option which takes 6 to 10 business days. Expedited option takes 2 to 3 days while the flat rate option takes 15 to 25 days. Free shipping is not available.

How to order clothes from china?

Below are the essential steps to tell you how to order clothes from China:

  1. Find clothes suppliers on online wholesale platform such as Made-in-China, Alibaba.
  2. Request a clothing sample to see if the quality meet your standard.
  3. Be specific about the products and ask about minimum order quantities.
  4. Negotiate Payment Terms.
  5. Pay for the Down Payment, usually around 30 percent.
  6. Shipping your goods from China.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best Chinese clothing website to buy clothes for sale from is not hard because there are hundreds of them. However, we have reviewed these 8 because some of them specialize in clothing while others bring you a huge selection of clothing, accessories and other items.

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