Top 10 China Wholesale Websites

Which is the top China wholesale website to buy from?

With China being an industrial powerhouse supplying vendors and retailers all over the world with goods, there has come up a flurry of top wholesale websites. However, not every eCommerce site based in China can meet your needs. You need to look at a few of them and decide which one suits your needs very well.

In this post, we are going to look at 10 of the best sites for wholesalers in China. While most of the sites sell general merchandise meaning that they have everything, a few do actually sell particular merchandise. For example, Banggood is for general and electronics. offers fashion and clothing. Of course, we will look at other wholesalers in more detail later.

Where can I buy wholesale products from China?

There are tens of whole sites in China. However, if this is your first time to buy wholesale products, the large variety of sites can be too confusing. That is why you are reading these reviews for 10 of the best of them.

1. DHgate

DHgate shopping site

Low prices and low minimum orders are some of the things that DHgate China wholesale website is known for. It has been almost 20 years since its launch and it has only gotten better with time. Today you can find all manner of products at good prices. All types of suppliers list their products here all the time. At any time, there are millions of products on sale.

Quality Assurance

The site has put forth many protective measures for their buyers. For example, if you do not get the items that you ordered, you will get a full refund of your money. However, if you get the products and they are not of the same quality as you were made to believe when ordering, you get a half-refund and you keep the goods.

If you use the PayPal payment gateway and there arises some issues with the payment, you can always make a chargeback so that your money is returned to your PayPal account.

To elaborate further about quality assurance, the sellers are rated. That way, you can see the number of positive reviews versus negative reviews left by other buyers. You can also read the reviews left by other buyers.

Minimum Order

It can be anywhere from two items. However, the larger the quantity of goods the lower the price.


Because of the large numbers of wholesalers that you can find on this site, you are always assured of competitive prices. You can find the same product listed many times by different wholesalers and that drives the prices down. Besides, there is always a deal happening, so check on that.

Payment methods

MasterCard, Skrill, American Express, Visa, online bank transfer and Apple Pay are the methods of choice for many people buying from DHgate.

Shipping Methods

There are express delivery services and there are ePacket and China Post. Express delivery services are fast. China Post does not have a tracking system so it is possible to lose your package.

2. Alibaba

alibaba china wholesale website

Chances are that if you cannot find what you need on Alibaba, you cannot find it anywhere else. Launched in 1999 by Jack Ma, this has become one of the biggest eCommerce sites not only in China but in the world as well. You can find suppliers for just about anything – from fashion, electronics, building and decoration, vehicles, industrial machines and many more.

How Alibaba ensures customer safety

As a buyer, you want to be sure that you are getting the best value for money. To ensure that you get that, they “grade” suppliers, giving them ratings so that you can pick the ones with the highest ratings. They have their third party agents who do the rating.

Buyers may also use “Gold” suppliers. Suppliers with Gold rating are the crème de la crème on the site. If you use a Gold-rated supplier and something goes wrong, or the goods delivered are not of the assured quality, you will get a refund of your money.

Best Prices

Buyers can get the best prices on this site for many reasons. First, this site has so many suppliers and international buyers. Therefore, you can find the same kind of items from many suppliers. If there is more variety, there are better prices.

Secure Payment

The payment to the suppliers is only released after the goods have been shipped and the buyer has confirmed that they got them in the condition assured by the seller. Besides, the site also allows different payment methods such as Western Union, Credit Card and others. There are discounts going down all the time, new buyer rewards and so on.

Minimum Order

The minimum order for some items is 200 units. However, for the bigger items such as machinery and vehicles, minimum order is 1.

3. Lightinthebox

lightinthebox china shopping site

The secret to scoring low prices on Light In The Box China wholesale website is to wait for the flash sale so that you can buy goods at very affordable prices.

But many other websites have different sorts of discounts going down at one time or another. Therefore, what sets this one different from the others? Buyers can buy whatever quantity they like. For example, they can even order one piece and it will still be delivered to them.


You can buy different goods at a huge discount of up to 70 percent if there is a flash sale on the item that you want. However, even when there is no flash sale, you can still find lowly priced high quality goods. The reason for this is that there is a huge number of sellers on the site. Therefore, you can always be assured of remaining with healthy profit margins even if the items that you buy have no discount.

Buyer protection

You will have 14 days to ask for a refund when you buy an item from one of the sellers on the site. However, to get a refund, you need to understand their return policy. The goods that you have received must be unused when you return them. If you buy goods covered by a 12-month warranty, they can be replaced. Others can be exchanged and for some, a refund will be given.

Payment Methods

There are a variety of payment methods to use on the Light In The Box site. The most popular are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club International. However, there are many more which you can check on their site. This is a secure site and your identifiable information will never be revealed to unauthorized third parties.

Shipping methods

Goods are shipped using Postal Service with, or without tracking, Expedited Express Service and Expedited Postal.

4. AliExpress

AliExpress shopping site

AliExpress is a popular China wholesale market website because it mainly caters to the needs of the small-scale traders. They have low priced merchandise on their website. Here, you will also find factories selling their products as well as the traders who have bought the same items from factories listing them here. That is why there are price differences for the same items.


Because of the large numbers of small manufacturers looking to attract many customers, you can find really low prices. The good thing yet is that when you buy more items, the prices dip further down.

Minimum Order

There is no set minimum order. However, the buyer will negotiate with the seller in consideration to the shipping requirements. You can negotiate with the seller regarding the minimum quantity that you can buy from them.

Secure Payment

Card payments are safe and so are the other payment methods that include PayPal and Western Union. The payment itself is quite simple. Buyers may also pursue a refund if they get goods that are not of the same quality as they were made to believe when ordering.

With AliExpress Standard Shipping, buyers are assured that they will get their goods fast. They also use ePacket Delivery, which is a very effective shipping service.

5. ChinaVasion

chinavasion shopping site

If you need consumer electronics such as speakers, mobile phones, TVs, clothing items, jewelry and many others in bulk, you can get them on ChinaVasion. This China wholesale market website brings many suppliers and manufacturers in one place for buyers. However, this is a small site compared to giants like AliExpress, Global Sources and Alibaba. Therefore, even retailers can buy goods at wholesale prices.

Quality Assurance

They list the best suppliers so that buyers can always get the best value for money. Chinavasion has a quality control team that assesses every product before it leaves the warehouse. Buyer safety is assured because the ChinaVasion team ensures that the sellers stick by their warranty policies.

Payment Methods

You can pay by online bank transfer, PayPal, MasterCard or Visa. PayPal is the most recommended but if it is not available in a buyer’s country, they can use another method.

Shipping Methods

A number of shipping methods are available on this website. These include Express Mail Service, Air Mail using DHL and you can use regular airmail for sending small packages to your country. For bulk orders, such as 200 pieces and more, Negotiable Bulky Shipping via couriers like DHL, UPS and FedEX.

6. Global Sources

Global sources china wholesale website

Global Source is considered the all under one roof for the largest trading companies and big manufacturers in China. Therefore, it is a preserve for the biggest buyers, or people who need goods in bulk quantity. This site is also known for its trade shows in Hong Kong. It also facilitates face-to-face meetings with some of the biggest producers in China.

Quality Assurance

To help the buyers know that they are getting value for their money, this site rates all the suppliers. Therefore, buyers can get a true picture of what to expect from the seller. There are badges and certificates on which buyers can view important information regarding the trustworthiness of the sellers.

Pricing and minimum order

Buyers can be assured of the most favorable pricing especially when they are buying in bulk. This website brings many suppliers so the prices are quite competitive.

The sellers determine the minimum order that a buyer can place for some or all categories of goods on sale.  However, buyers can also negotiate the minimum order with the seller.

Shipping Methods

The site does not define the shipping channel that the sellers can use. The supplier and the buyer agree on the shipping methods to use. Shipping time usually takes 15 to 25 days or perhaps more depending on the availability of stock.


The most recommended payment method on the site is PayPal for small quantities. T/T, Western Union and L/C are some of the preferred payment methods for people buying in bulk.

7. Made in China

made in china wholesale website

The Made In China B2B site was established in 1998 in Nanjing. Since then, it has been doing an excellent job of linking international merchants with different products suppliers from China.

High quality assurance

One of the reasons why this site ranks among the top ten is that it has the interests of the buyers at heart. Therefore, they register only the credible suppliers. Besides, as a buyer, if you need supplier information made available to you, they will do it. Many businesses love the way that this site builds confidence in the buyer by connecting them with only verified suppliers.

Payment safety

Here is what happens… when you find the supplier that you have been looking for on this website, they ship the goods to you. Now, you deposit the payment with the site. When you receive the goods, you inspect and ensure that they are of the quality that you were assured you would get.

Once you are satisfied, the payment will be effected. Buyers can also pay using credit cards, which is the most flexible kind of payment you can find anywhere. Shipping methods include FedEx, UPS, DHL and others.

Minimum orders

This is something that most buyers consider. However, because of the wide variety of suppliers listed on the Made In China site, you can be sure you will meet one who has the minimum order that you need.

8. YiWugou

yiwugou china wholesale website

The good thing with using YiWugou is that most of their suppliers have factories. They have minimum orders starting from as low as one item but they can also serve bulky orders such as 200 or more pieces. Founded in 2012, this site has been meeting the bulky buying needs of small and big traders for almost 10 years. This site gets more than half-a-million visitors daily.

Payment options

The most popular payment option is PayPal for small orders. However, for the bigger orders, buyers have to use a different payment method such as L/C or T/T. This is a secure site and all of your identifiable information is secure.

Shipping Methods

Products are shipped using different methods such as Air Express. It is recommended that buyers negotiate with the suppliers on the best shipment method for their country.

9. Global Market

globalmarket china wholesale website

This website is more than 20 years old. It has been meeting the needs of many traders by connecting buyers and suppliers of consumer electronics, hardware, machinery, home, beauty, fashion items and other items. It is a B2B platform where buyers can buy goods manufactured in China and resell them in their home countries with good profit margins.

Quality Assurance

Since the year 2004, GMC has been using what they call the Global Manufacturer Certificate that they give to manufacturers who sell high quality products. They use third party assessors to assess the quality of the goods. Therefore, buyers can buy from suppliers who have been awarded this certificate.

Payment Methods

Buyers can use L/C and T/T payment methods to pay for bulk purchases. However, those buying small quantities such as 200 pieces or below can use PayPal. User details are secure since this is a

Shipping methods

Customers should agree with the suppliers on the most appropriate shipping method. Usually, these include FedEx, UPS, DHL couriers among others.

10. DIY Trade

diytrade china wholesale website

Signing up on DIY Trade as a seller or a buyer is free of charge. This China wholesale market website is easy to use and it has millions of products for sale at any given time. It connects buyers with manufacturers and traders of electronic, toys, fashion, agriculture, machinery and many other types of supplies.

From their description, this website is not only a B2B platform, but it is also a product directory since they have suppliers for just about any category.

Quality Assurance

First, there is always a huge variety of products, more than 5 million at any given time on sale. To protect the buyers, DIYTrade has included features such as instant chat on their platform. That way, you can reach the customer support fast if you need to.

At the same time, they use the services of BIZverify, which is a third party agent that verifies whether the suppliers’ licenses and permits are genuine. Buyers are therefore assured that when dealing with a supplier on the site, they are getting the real deal.

Payment Methods

Because of its safety features such as chargeback and safety, it is recommended that you use PayPal on the site. Make sure that you get the invoice from the supplier before you pay them because you will need it to ask for a refund from PayPal if the products are not delivered.

Shipping Methods

Buyers should negotiate prices and shipping methods to use with the suppliers. Likewise, the buyer also negotiates the label to put on the products.


Finding a good China wholesale website need not be hard after reading this article. However, when you find a website, do the following things to order your products from China:

  1. Find out whether it has the products that you want
  2. Negotiate with the supplier on the price
  3. Request a sample
  4. Negotiate on things like labeling if you need such services
  5. Agree on the shipping method to use
  6. Get your papers such as invoice, order note and so on and then pay via PayPal if possible because of its customer safety guarantee

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