Top 5 B2B Foreign Trade Platforms for Chinese Companies

Which Foreign Trade Platform Is Better for Chinese Companies?

It is still too early to understand the bloom of the Chinese industry, and this ever-expanding market offers hundreds of business opportunities for wholesalers. B2B foreign trade platforms lie at the heart of Chinese digital transformation, and this is why they have the largest number of B2B marketplaces, followed by Hong Kong and Europe.

China has the largest population in the world. That population is tech-savvy, meaning Chinese people are well-accustomed to finding and ordering what they want through digital channels and pay for it digitally. With more than 850 million internet users, calling it the world’s largest market won’t be an exaggeration.

The country’s appetite for technology has nurtured the most successful e-commerce models that only get better with each passing year. With such great potential in the market, the companies have reached the point where they can plan to expand on further.

So, what are the most important foreign trade b2b platform of China? Here’s a helpful list of the current top 10 leaders of the e-commerce industry that are best for Chinese companies:


alibaba china wholesale website

In 1999, Alibaba was launched by Jack MA and a handful of other people. It is the most popular website that almost everyone knows about because it is an English-language site that connects buyers with suppliers’ form across the world. The websites provided as the gateway for Chinese manufacturers to connect with the buyers of the rest of the world.

It occupies an undeniable place in the e-commerce sector. It has 21 product categories with numerous child categories to help the buyers find what they are looking for. From the most precious stones to the simplest toys, one can find or sell anything one wants.

Moreover, a wide range of payment options is also available for international customers who wish to expand their trade horizons. As per the reports of 2019, had 150 million-plus registered members and more than 150,000 sellers.


Trade wheel, which was established in 2003, focuses on connecting Chinese manufacturers with the buyers of the world. is almost similar to Alibaba interns operations but with lesser competition, faster speed, and lower rates. The website is available in Chinese and English language to make it easier for users across the world to access it.

It is a business to business online trade platform that allows wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers to list their products freely. Tradewheel features 37 product categories and very sublevel categories for ease of navigation. Whether you need 300,000 barrels of crude oil or napkins, you can get it all here.

Most of the suppliers on the site are from China, but you can also find some suppliers from foreign as well. majorly focuses on security and authenticity, and thus the verified suppliers on the site have been inspected by the company.


Global sources china wholesale website

GlobalSources is one of the oldest B2B foreign trade platforms. As per Wikipedia, the website was founded and started in 1971 in Hong Kong. It is a multichannel media company that basically exists to facilitate the business between wholesale buyers and suppliers. The company enjoys a vast directory of 1.5 million international buyers from across the world.

GlobalSources offer numerous marketing solutions to worldwide buyers and sellers for brand building, marketing, lead generation, and increasing sales in over 240 countries. The company is based in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

It is known to participate and organize a series of tradeshows. As compared to the B2B giant Alibaba, it definitely has a lesser number of suppliers and companies, but it performs really well for traders. It’s seen as a more selective b2b site that shows prices, has a margin calculator, and other easy to use features.

4. Amazon China

amazon cn

Amazon China is the extension of all time famous American multi-national company that focuses on the Chinese community. The purpose of the website is the same, to help suppliers reach new customers. Amazon China makes it possible for foreign businesses to sell their products in China.

It was first founded when Amazon acquired in 2004. Although Amazon was one of the major successes in the western world yet it wasn’t able to capture the Chinese market like it hoped to. As a result, the company withdrew from its efforts to break the strong Chinese market and settled for only using website.

Today to sell international products to Chinese customers, amazon is using and offering limited services.

5. Chinabrands

china brands

If you are familiar with the Chinese e-commerce industry, you might have heard of it already. Chinabrands is an e-commerce platform that bridges the gap between Chinese manufacturers and global buyers.

Businesses can easily find and purchase discounted Chinese goods through this website. The company offers numerous international services. It is a great drop shopping platform with a wide variety of products and an easy-to-use website.

If you want quick deliveries of what you need, Chinabrands can be a great partner for you. One of eth great things about this website is that it offers entrepreneurs to post their products on its platform, and it takes off the rest!


Although China is the hub for e-commerce websites and surely there are so many websites that hold the potential to be the next Alibaba, this list is made with the current trends and positions in mind. So if you are wondering which foreign trade platforms are better for Chinese companies, now you know!

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