5 of the Best B2B Websites China for Apparel and Fashion:

B2B e-commerce companies in china are the online darlings that can literally sell everything and anything you can imagine, from electronics and clothes to the retro coffee tables! These tremendous B2B china wholesale websites are made to facilitate commercial trade operations and are doing their jobs more than efficiently. Nestled in the international market, B2B e-commerce companies in china describe themselves to be obsessed with customers. Assisting both buyers and china suppliers for clothes to find the right partners, China B2B websites are the modern-day alternate for trade shows.

The apparel and fashion industry makes a jaw-dropping $16 billion every year. It is said to be one of the highly progressive industries that can never go out of business, and that for all the right reasons! Since the competition among the garments business is an all-time high, and they are looking for new ways to expand their businesses dramatically, B2B websites have proven to be the holy grail for them. Almost all the top business success stories in the apparel and fashion industry are deemed to be related to the B2B china wholesale websites. Below, I will reveal the top B2B websites for apparel and fashion that can help your garment business grow!


Trade wheel

Tradewheel stands as the fastest growing online B2B website china in the commercial trade world. The website is regarded in the industry for a broad range of e-commerce services. The name Tradewheel is now synonymous with sourcing apparel from China. Established in 2003, Tradewheel is one of the greatest online sources, where traders have the confidence to find reliable china suppliers for clothes. Hosting 7500,000 plus global users, this B2B china wholesale website is where people turn to look for a vast international garments buyer list. You will find active-wear, fashion accessories, fashion raw material, trendy outfits, and much more. The range of quality assured products and suppliers is very comprehensive.

Tradewheel hosts a vast number of wholesale fashion suppliers, bulk garment suppliers, garment raw material suppliers, and garment accessories suppliers, all under one umbrella. This is why Tradewheel is deemed as one stop shop for online garments businesses.


Global sources china wholesale website

Global Sources stands as a well-established platform offering the global traders’ cross-border trade facilitation. It was founded in 1971 by Merle A. Hinrichs. Situated in Hong Kong, China, it is a multi-channel media company aiming to assist the china suppliers for clothes to reach international buyers easily. Global sources is a leading-edge B2B china wholesale website that has successfully garnered a foothold since its inception. Quite famous for exclusive export/ import services, the company claims to serve thousands and thousands of traders every month.

Global sources offer a wide range of products but is believed to be the hub for garments business. Moreover, it also allows the women fashion suppliers and garment accessories suppliers to display their products in the best manner. It is one of the best B2B e-commerce companies in china that has been offering its services to the bulk garment suppliers to meet with genuine buyers easily.


DHgate shopping site

DHgate stands as the China-based online trade store. The website is widely popular among well-known wholesale fashion suppliers and china suppliers for clothes. The platform precisely allows Chinese manufacturers to exhibit their products on its interface. The objective of the B2B china wholesale company was to help the small and medium-sized Chinese wholesalers to reach the international market. The website has more than 40 million Chinese products. It is a decent online marketplace where a massive number of garment accessories suppliers, garment raw material suppliers, and other apparel traders are present. Buyers can find competitive prices against excellent quality, usually at lower MOQs. Though the website only caters to the Chinese suppliers, they have apparel buyers/ importers traffic from all over the world and deliver globally.


china brands

Chinabrands is a successful B2B website china & wholesale platform that is based in China. It is one of the efficient international shipping and distribution websites that facilitate cross border supply chain solutions. This B2B china wholesale website allows businesses to make wholesale deals at discounted rates. It is popular as well as easy to navigate and find a range of products. With China brands, it is easy to access a wide range of services.

Chinese wholesale apparel suppliers can access a vast range of apparel and fashion accessories using this amazing website. This B2B website is exceptionally perfect, easy to use for all the international buyers, precisely for Asian buyers. It offers a perfect opportunity for partners who can post their products and then leave the rest on Chinabrands.

5. Made In China

made in china wholesale website

Developed and operated under the umbrella of Focus Technology Co, LTD. it is one of the pioneer and leader of B2B e-commerce companies in china. Representing its aim with popular the popular slogan: connecting buyers with Chinese suppliers, Made in China is one of the best B2B websites in china. The platform utilizes a third party interface to connect the china suppliers for clothes and buyers together. Identical to numerous other websites, Made in China also allow the Chinese suppliers to create their personal homepage, including company info, contact details, introduction, and lastly, product listings.

Though the company enjoys international buyer traffic, yet Made in China, precisely facilitates the Chinese wholesale trades. This B2B website china was developed by John Shen in 1996 with headquarters: Nanjing, China. Though the company employees a slightly cumbersome interface, it is quite a useful B2B china wholesale company. Another plus point of the website is it’s easy to remember URL.

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