10 China-Based B2B Marketplaces to Grow Your 2019 Business

As the ever-expanding market, China promises limitless business prospects for foreign businesses to discover new markets, evaluate growth aspects and sustain their profits for more extended periods.

China holds the future of E-commerce industry and the China-based B2B marketplaces promise a sustainable future for the international business transactions

Not only China is the evolving hub of the economy. However, the digitization, virtuality, and connectivity are revolutionizing the whole world in a way that has never been noted in the past. The rapid changes in the recent global business environment are quadrupled. However, China leads a massive global transformation. After the B2C market, the B2B market will take individuals with great astonishment and Chinese marketplace addressing the B2B industry will be the chief game player.

If you are business owner from anywhere across the globe and looking for reliable Chinese sources for your business here, we have listed leading China-based B2B marketplaces which have been supporting the worlds’ digitized business practices impressively.

1. Made-in-China

Established in 1998 Made in China has its headquarters in the state of Nanjing. The chief business model splits into the registration fees, SEO techniques, and the value-added services, advertisement and certification charges which are often incurred upon earning an ISO certification for the suppliers. Made in China has more than  10 million views every day, of which more than 85% contributes from the international business owners, discovering unmatched international trading opportunities. as compared to E-Commerce behemoths Alibaba and global source Made in China is yet an emerging B2B market place. However, it still has a considerable number of foreign traders

2. The E-Commerce behemoth Alibaba.Com

Established in 1999, without the questions of doubt the large e-commerce platform is no other but Alibaba.com. The B2B marketplace has set industrial norms and standards potentially in the shortest span the marketplace has expanded more and more rapidly making the whole B2B industry difficult for competitors and new entrants to even put up with the pace of growth.

Alibaba has more than 8 million registered traders in more than 220 countries and regions. With the initial net worth of 25, $ billion and now lead the China internet market. Alibaba has been known as the game player to structure its business on the free model, encouraging members to pay in huge quantities. The certain platform steers its business practice with great efficacies and considers every trader separately.

3. Global Sources.com

The global sources is a well proficient multi-channel B2B global trade marketplace which runs its business with online trade show campaigns, international exhibits, business publications and consultation papers based on the modern trends. The chief focus of the global source rests with the electronic and gifts industry. While the core values rest in promoting international trade via media channels. The 60% share is from the online trading and 40% from the publications.

4. eWorldtrade.com

The transformation B2B industry is going through is inescapable and with every transformation comes hope for the small medium and sometimes leading business units. The expansion and saturation of the technicalities added with strategic business models there are some other leading B2B marketplaces that not China-based but facilitating more than half of the Chinese buyers and supplier earning economies of scale among which rests at the lead are eWorldtrade the third largest China-based B2B marketplace a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC providing digital media and technological services.

5. 1688.com

1688.com is the Chinese wholesale website of Alibaba. It makes wholesale and procurement business as its chief forte, with its unmatched customer satisfaction and extensive efficiencies in the e-commerce business model covering more than 16 major industries

6. ECVV.Com

The end to end procurement service providing first platform ECVV.com offer the product sourcing and supply network services guaranteeing the product quality and transparency of payment from the buyers. However, the ECVV works with pay per click strategies, and payments are made through the valid inquiry

7. HC360.com

HC360.com rests among the leading B2B e-commerce marketplace focusing on digital sales and marketing, and strong traditional supply network was established in 1992. HC360 offers consumer with complete service about offline and online platforms

8. Makepolo.com

The most preferred B2B e-commerce platform assisting SMEs to outdo the precise and profitable trade optimization with flawless advertisement delivery. The B2B marketplace has an extensive product range of 10 million SMEs in China and other regions of the world.

9. EC21.com

EC21 is an online marketing tool that enables global sellers to optimize the coverage of their products and get the most potential buyers. Its well-designed product categories and intelligent keyword search allow buyers to easily find the products they want with just a few clicks. On EC21, buyers can also post their purchases and get quotes from manufacturers and sellers.

EC21 has been proven to be important in marketing by users from Korea, China, the US and from around the world.

10 Alternatives to China-based B2B website facilitating the Chinese market

For SMEs striving to sustain their business in China DHgate is the savior. The B2B platform encourages sellers’ registers and publishes your products. According to the business practice the transactions are made after making certain payments to DH gate. The B2B SMEs savior potentially reduce the risk of fraud by the international traders and assist SMEs earning global presence. Indiamart.com based in India facilitating B2B and B2C traders from all over the world, iOffer.com a San Francisco based online trade platform

The bottom line

In conclusion, the afore-discussed market leaders emerging from China have toiled to change the entire prospects of the E-commerce market establishing the industrial norms that cannot be easily challenged by the competitors

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    Thanks for the useful information about famous B2B marketplaces in China. But there are some online scammers on these websites, so we have to be very cautious when making an order on them.

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