16 Pictures Will Tell the Difference between Us Army and Chinese Military

Both American and Chinese military experts and fans like to compare the US army with Chinese military in every aspect. However it will always turns out to be a barren argument. Here collected are 16 pictures and they will tell you some differences between the two troops. Check out and lett me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

1. Standing and Walking

air force AmericaAmerican air force soldiers walk leisurely.

air force chinaChinese air force soldiers stand and walk in line.

2. Dormitory

American soldiers domitoryThis is the US. soldiers’ dormitory. It is completely in disorder.

chinese soldiers domitory insideThis is Chinese soldiers dormitory. The army demands that all soldiers make their quilts into the shape of tofu (like a box) , with edges and corners.

3.  Soldiers and Tank

american tank soldiersAmerican soldiers can stay where they like on the tank.

china tank soldiersChinese soldiers have strict rules to follow, they have to put their foot on allowed place.

4. Disaster-relief work

New Orleans wind soldiersAfter the Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans fall into chaos, fully armed U.S. troops walk on the street to guard against “enemy”.

china soldiers sichuan earthquakeChinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers transferred the injured victims to the safe areas in the China’s Sichuan Earthquake.

5. Food

chinese army foodFood for the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA)

USA army foodFood for the soldiers of the US Army

6. Military training

chinese soldiers qigongChinese soldiers use their hands to break bricks

chinese army training 4The US troops training relies more on high tech.

7. Military crawl

american army trainingAmerican soldiers

chinese military trainingChinese soldiers

8. Military Parade

West Point graduation paradeWest Point graduation parade

Chinese military paradeChinese military parade

After seeing these pictures, do you have anything in mind? Please leave your comments at the bottom of the post.

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25 Responses

  1. Abdulhakim says:

    These Chinese pictures was actually an arengment and this is not abaut shelter and food it abaut mind to act and i thinks person can’t always be eating just one type of food

  2. MarkinTX says:

    Most of the Chinese Army would defect to the Americans during a war.

  3. Bryan Kirby says:

    This “article” is almost as gay as the Chinese military

    Who wrote this a retarded 3 year old?

  4. Lawrence says:

    LMAO IM CRACKING MY ASS OFF HERE XD mate u legit just dug a hole for urself Mr. Chinaman. Really love how u show how organised the chienese millitary are yet the Americans can literally shit on ur head if they legit go to war XD

  5. Frederick says:

    You guys may forget the fight between PLA and U.S. army in the Korean war……………Many years ago.

  6. Allen says:

    smh i don’t even know where to begin but you’re crazy if you think the Chinese military would stand a chance against the US military. The US military is constantly being deployed around the world, the last time the PLA was used was to shoot pro democracy students. The PLA’s organization is a mess rife with corruption and many career officers use their position to make money instead of defending the country. I would say the PLA is more comparable to middle eastern armies than they are too western ones. The real danger of china is their massive economic capability and heavy central government control. Forget about invading china it would never work, but also forget china posing any threat to anyone else (except maybe taiwan) because it does not have the experience or resources to carry out any major offensive actions

  7. Beeftek says:

    the world doesn’t exists for 300 years. the rome empire was dominating, dutch empire, british empire… every country will fall. now china is coming back…

  8. Beeftek says:

    think in long term – one time china will surpass america… not now but maybe in 20-30 years ;)… it’s not a question of if us. or china are more powerful now. the question is which country is growing faster and become more powerful. last 3000 years china was 2500 most powerful country… last 250 years were not normal because british empire invaded other country but nowaday you can’t invade other countries ;). how often you wanna die in a nuclear war 1 time or 20 times or 200 times ???

  9. Paul says:

    How funny. You Chinese propagandists are hilarious!! But seriously, only Chinese people are brainwashed and therefore stupid enough to believe that the chinese military is anything other than a very large number of poorly trained, poorly equipped, ill disciplined soldiers, with absolutely no overseas combat experience. ….Whats the matter – too afraid to fight in case yoiu get those uniforms dirty? So its easy to look ‘professional’ when it’s purely for show. But let’s face it – that is all the Chinese military is good for – a show! And why not? It certainly does intimidate the smaller nations in the south china sea despite the fact that the artificial Islands china has built being no real threat to anyone (about 10 minutes of US bombing should be all that’s required to return them to the sea – all part of the show).. So enjoy the glossy photos with models posing as soldiers eating bland chinese food (I lived there for six months, the food is terrible) – but I’ll put my money on the combat experienced, technologically superior and battle hardened forces of the allies any day 🙂

  10. SFC Gray says:

    I’ll tell you another BIG difference between the two militaries. The United States Army fights because they want to, because we’re good at it. The Chinese Army fights because they have to. Now…you tell me who would win. Anyone can march in a straight fucking line. The “Dormitory” photo, the US Soldier is squaring his area away. The Chinese area would look just like that while they’re squaring their areas away. The US tank is stationary, the Chinese tank is moving….stupid comparison. Big difference between an earthquake and a flood, not to mention, our Soldiers were reacting to a situation caused by the citizens of New Orleans….they were looting, raping, assaulting, etc. Soldiers were called in to stop them. Two different mission types. The training, we don’t need to break bricks with out bare hands. Why would you need to? As far as the food…I got nothin. Our food does suck, military bases need to remove fast food joints, and chow halls need to start serving healthy food like they did in the 80s. Regardless, this article is nothing but propaganda.

  11. Jack says:


    -We defeated Communism
    -We built the first airplane
    -We beat nazi Germany
    -Japan thought we would surrender if they bombed us, but we dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan hitting them 100x harder
    -We dropped the first atomic bomb
    -We killed Osama Binladen
    -We killed Hassan Husain
    -We defeated Al qida
    -We never backed out in ww2, as so many other countries did.
    -We have helped countless countries in the world fighting war, such as Canada, Kuwait, South Korea, France. In fact, the French gave us the Statue of Liberty so that we would remain a friendship.
    -We have the freedom of speech, as many other countries do not have.
    -We never backed down in WW1, as so many other countries did.
    -We ended ww2 dropping the first atomic bombs in Japan.
    -We are one of the richest counties in the world.
    -We have some of the best world wide educational systems such as UCLA, Standford, MIT, Harvard, Oregon, Yale
    -We have invented more things than you can possibly imagine such as the Radio, Morsk code, gas mask, motorcycle, zippers and MANY more daily needs.
    -We are THE most athletic country in the world weather you like it or not, we have won the most olympics in the world, we have won 2,520 medals in first place and in second place is Russia with only 1,865 meedals

    • John Smith says:

      America is the most OBESE country. Russia defeated communism itself, there is no need to go on. Almost everything you wrote is both wrong and ignorant. You clearly know nothing about history. Go back to school.

  12. Cliff says:

    Picture selected to make Chinese troops look better? US forces are at war…..

  13. josh says:

    stupid American soldiers even beaten and shot by their civilian police, they dont dare ha ha ha..

  14. Tom says:

    China was enslaved for 2000 years.

    1) China was enslaved by Mongol, Manchu, Xianbei, Khitan, Jurchen empires.
    Genghis Khan’s law, Killing a chinese = killing a donkey.

    2)Manchus ruled China for 300 years till 1911.
    Manchu conquest of China – Wikipedia

    3) In WWII, Japan invaded china, Japan took the Chinese capital and lost only 2000 soldiers.
    Battle of Nanking – Wikipedia
    Nanking Massacre – Wikipedia
    Second Sino-Japanese War – Wikipedia

    4)Russia and USA saved china.

    US killed 1 million Japanese soldiers and lost 100,000.

    • Jerry says:

      “China was enslaved for 2000 years…..”

      I have no idea WTF are you talking about, you must be from another planet. Do you even know how many dynasties China has? There were 10 unified dynasties and 3 divided dynasties periods, only 2 of them(Yuan and Qing) are ruled by Nomads and they all have been Sinicized and assimilated to a certain point.

      In contrast, America is not American’s anymore, native Americans are almost wiped out by European immigrants long time ago.

    • Coteminotaure says:

      Tommy boy, has your teacher been telling you that resources on Wikipedia are not very accurate? I don’t think that you were paying attention. So, let me refresh the fact that you may or may not know, I shall start with a disclaimer that by all means you should avoid unreliable evidences, typically the ones on Wikipedia. Why? Because anybody could edit the resource there, and they do not lose their reputation by delivering the wrong information. I presumed that such ignorance would eventually reflect on your distinguish mark. Not hard feeling Bruv. I guess you have proofed your very existence of being an ego prick and you’ve done a very good job in terms of supporting the very stereotype (or a hard fact?) about uneducated American folks, arrogant fat bastards who wears Yankee hats.

  15. Lin says:

    It is obvious you want to argue that Chinese army are superior to American, but your technique is really low. Next time please select pics and comments carrefully , do not disgrace Chinese!

  16. Zach says:

    You are an idiot. In the first point the U.S. pilots are leaving the flightline post flight. The Chinese pilots are leaving a formation. In the second set of pictures the soldier is in her room obviously doing something. I don’t even need to continue past this point. Everyone that reads this list knows just what you are. Please, hang yourself with razor wire

  17. uncle sam says:

    british empire 1776
    imperial japan december 7th, 1941
    nazi germany 1941

    3 world superpowers who had clean, organized, neat soldiers, and impressive standing/marching formations. 3 empires that were crushed, easily and impressively, by america in quick fashion.

    british empire dominated the planet for centuries. america defeated them in just 6 years after first fight started in 1775 and ended with the surrender of britain’s cornwalis in 1781.

    imperial japan had taken over all of southeast asia with ease. they defeated chinese, russians, indians, aussies, british, everyone… in key battles. japan had been a warrior nation for hundreds of years and in thousands of years nobody ever defeated japan to invade or take it over. japan attacked america unprovoked at the height of japanese power and strength. they were extremely confident about themselves and believed america lacked the discipline and heart to fight imperial japan. but japan’s famous general said “we have just woken a sleeping giant”. america burned japan to the ground, took away its ancient samurai culture/spirit, destroyed 64 japanese cities, ended its form of government, and took away their god…in just 4 years.

    nazi germany took over all of europe with ease. they had the great russian empire running back to moscow in total fear. then they made the mistake of declaring war against america. they thought america could not fight the mighty japanese and mighty germans at the same time. germany was burned to the ground and forced to give up all its ancient power it held for centuries. the mighty and proud german people were reduced to poverty and ruin. in just 4 years.

    japan and germany were cruel. heartless. beasts. monsters. and they both had the leading armies in the world. they had ancient histories of great military victories. they both were highly disciplined, intelligent, and worked hard like bees making honey. but like japan, germany was forced to agree to american form of government and never to have a military power. they both still have american military bases on their soil…70 years after world war 2.

    american defeated the old soviet union…without firing a shot.

    bin laden and leading terrorists believed america to be a nation of wimps, cowards, and unwilling to die for what they believed in. they’re all dead now.

    i believe in peace. i don’t admire warriors because of the damage they do. but looking at america objectively as a military power? it would be very foolish for chinese to be so confident as they are today. and clean clothes, neat rooms, and healthy chinese food will be of no good against america. they have been fighting non-stop for 500 years. american indians were great warriors for thousands of years before europeans invaded their lands. iriqois, comanche, cherokee, seminole were powerful indian nations that other indians feared. they fought the europeans who became the new “americans”. these new americans had no fear. they would send a few people into he lands of thousands of fierce indian warriors. and thousands more would come. indians fought heroically for 300 years but in the end the indians were completely wiped off the map completely – just like british, japanese, and germans. there was no compromise. there was no negotiations. just unconditional surrender.

    american took their enemy’s culture, spirit, heart, history, land, and wiped it all out. they gave japan and germany mercy after completely dominating them. they lifted their hands out to lift the people of japan and germany up again after world war 2. if not for america’s mercy, japan and germany would have ceased to exist after thousands of years of history. they would have become part of america or broken up into different territories or price rewards for american allies.

    i noticed many chinese people are now confident how powerful they are. they are making similar mistakes that imperial japan did. america saved china from imperial japan. if japan had not fought america, they would have kept china and most of southeast asia. but here we are 70 years later and chinese are pushing out from chinese borders into the sea. chinese have been telling us for many years now “this is just self defense”. but they are proclaiming much of the asian oceans as theirs. they want to take land that japan says is theirs. this is not self defense but an attempt to show world power. china is looking for its first victim…to unleash its new power. they want to change the humiliation of world war 2. germany was humiliated during/after world war 1. that his how crazy hitler got his people excited to start world war 2. he told his people that germany would get revenge for previous humiliations. the people liked to hear those words. they became crazy like wolves before a hunt. japan’s leaders reminded japanese who many centuries that people tried to invade japan when japan never tried to invade them. japanese leaders told their people how proud they should be of their nation and that in order to prevent future invasions in growing modern world, they had to push out and capture land to increase their borders. japan and germany got very excited with their new power and had great success dominating neighbors. japan and germany became insane with power. then america got involved. bye bye germany. bye bye ancient japan. hello kitty.

    be careful what you wish for, china. your fantasy of victory may just be fantasy.

    • meow says:

      mate clearly u know nothing about history。 us didnt beat nazi at quick fasion。at both against nazi and japan us suffered great loses,typically at a 1 to 2 or 3 ratio to the loss of nazi or japan。secondly japan didnt defeat china,japan was instead bogged down in the mud in china。i dont even want to say about us' mess been made at
      middle east 。you are been properganded by us。deeply

    • Coteminotaure says:

      And Uncle Sam is just another arm dealer in the independence war. Be careful what you wishful USA, there will be a day that people around the world questions US’s ability of playing the role as the world’s police. According to USA’s recent approach to foreign relation a.k.a the big stick policy, I could see that this date is not far ahead. Might the karma hits back to the bully as the nation devastated into oblivion.

  18. shannon ingy says:

    Is one of the “foot on allowed place” infront of the tank removing the very large cap stuck on the barrel of the tank gun? Unlike the US troops, the Chinese must first not forget and remove the cork from the gun barrel before shooting or where they are standing wont matter much.

  19. Please! The pictures of the US Army were taken while they were on actual combat operations. The Chinese Army pictures are propaganda photo ops. Unlike the Chinese Army, the people the US Army shoots at can shoot back.

    • Edje says:

      these comparisons are shallow. e.g. the brick breaking being compared to the high tech training – these are 2 different areas of training, not the same areas being done differently lol.
      and yay for the better murderer, whoever the reader concludes that to be!

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