Top 30 Funny Chinese Slogans

Slogans (Kouhao) are a typical Chinese scenes in the country.Chinese slogans are generally short, easy to keep in mind, and neatly summarizes a particularly idea or call to action. Here we collected are some common slogans found at different times in China demonstrating the different political policies publicized by the central government of China.

china wall sign 1The production team must firmly follow the political-oriented road.

china wall sign 2Must liberate Taiwan!

china wall sign 3Whoever breaks away from porverty is glorious, whoever is poor is incapable.

china wall sign 4The new couple should not forget the one-child policy when entering the bridal chamber.

china wall sign 5If a train runs over a cow, the cow owner will receive no compensation but be punished by law.

china wall sign 6We can avoid earning money for 10 years, but we should not have a day without reading books.

china wall sign 7Cadre who becomes rich first can be considered a good cadre.

china wall sign 8The person who destroys woods will cause his mother to die before that.

china wall sign 9A daughter is equal to a vast sky.

china wall sign 10Strictly forbid [Chinese Communist] Party cadres participating in group petition.

china wall sign 11If you don’t abort when you’re supposed to, we’ll tear down your house and confiscate your cow.

china wall sign 12Chairman Mao is the red sun in our hearts.

china wall sign 13Three People’s Principles will unify China.

china wall sign 14If one woman gives birth to a baby outside the state plan, all the villagers will suffer tubal ligation.

china wall sign 15One gun, two jin [1 kg] of dynamite; two years in prison, enough said.

china wall sign 16Person stealing manhole covers will get his hands chopped off when being caught.

china wall sign 17Long live the great Communist Party of China.

china wall sign 18Person who catches a thief or beats him to death will be rewarded.

china wall sign 19No matter how poor it is, education shall not be property-stricken; No matter how bitter it is, children shall not be suffering.

china wall sign 20We should not be addicted to long sleeping, cause we will go to final sleep after death.

china wall sign 21Father will go to jail if his son commits arson.

china wall sign 22Staying away from drugs means staying far away from AIDS, dial 110 (like 911 in the USA) is free of charge.

china wall sign 23If people in poor mountainous areas want to get rich, they should have less kids and plant more trees.

china wall sign 24Teacher Hu’s English [courses] can spread AIDS. [ The teacher’s ad covers part of the former slogan, a very bad placement!]

china wall sign 25Must prepare for war – Mao Zedong

china wall sign 26If you arbitrarily log [chop down trees], I will arbitrarily punish [you].

china wall sign 27Investor is god, those who introduce investment are great contributors, and whoever offends investor is committing a crime.

china wall sign 28Finish middle school before looking for work.

china wall sign 29People live here, do not tear down.

china wall sign 30If dump garbage on the streets, death to your father.

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    Good post, but I’m not sure I’d call these “funny”, unless you mean “funny” as in “Ewww. That smells funny.”

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