Top 10 Most Popular Jackie Chan Movies

Hong Kong is famous for martial arts films across the world. Bruce Lee is a great introducer, but unfortunately he has only a few works in his young life. While Jackie Chan has swept film circles for more than thirty years and has grown from a small role in the troupe into an international film star, his success is absolutely unprecedented. His films are a unique blend of mime, martial arts, stunts and slapstick comedy. He is involved in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from directing and producing to writing, acting and action choreography and has achieved enormous contributions to Hong Kong and world film industry. Below are the top Jackie Chan’s 10 most popular films.

10. The Rush Hour film series 《尖峰时刻》系列 (1998–2007)

rush hour filmJackie Chan’s Hollywood career gets break with Rush Hour film series. The main plot focuses on two police detectives: a Hong Kong police inspector and an American LAPD detective who go on a series of misadventures. Each film’s box office amounted to over a hundred million dollars and the films made Jackie Chan become an A-lister in the US.

9. Heart of Dragon 《龙的心》(1985)

heart of dragonHeart of Dragon is a Chan’s 1985 martial arts action drama film. The film has a tendency of art film and actrually does win victory through flighting. Jackie Chan plays a cop saddled with retarded brother Sammo Hung. Their brotherly feeling is deep and it is genuinely touching when Jack replaces his brother to go to jail.

8. Crime Story《重案组》(1993)

Crime StoryThe film is about how Jackie Chan rescues a rich businessman who has been taken hostage. Crime Story is mostly a serious film than an action film. The action scenes are very well staged but there are only a few in the whole film. However, Jackie does quite well with the serious role and the story also well developed.

7. Twin Dragons《双龙会》(1992)

Twin DragonsJackie Chan plays two roles as a pair of twin brothers in Twin Dragons. Chan’s double presence and awesome stunts make the movie very interesting. The movie is highly enjoyable when the two Chan’s are mistaken for the other and when they are together.

6. Rumble in the Bronx《红番区》(1995)

Rumble in the BronxRumble in the Bronx is a martial arts action film starring Jackie Chan and Anita Mui. The film was a considerable box-office success and brought Chan into the American mainstream. The stunts are great and there are plenty of high-action high-speed chases, coupled with some spectacular stunts that are simply unrivalled. This film is highly recommended.

5. Miracles《奇迹》(1989)

MiraclesMiracles is an action film both directed and written by Jackie Chan. Miracles features many well-known Hong Kong actors, including Anita Mui and Wu Ma. It blends delightful, expertly crafted and timed comedy with surprisingly moving and tender moments, plus plenty of Jackie’s famed action and fight sequences and unequalled stunt work.  According to his autobiography, Chan stated that this was the favorite film he has made.

4. Drunken Master series《醉拳》系列 (1978-1994)

drunken masterDrunken Master and Drunken Master II are classic comedic kung Fu style for which Jackie Chan became famous. The film popularized the alcohol-enhanced combat (drunken fist).  The success of this film ended up leading to a ton of films trying to capitalize by having Drunken this and Drunken that in their titles.

3. The Armour of God series《飞鹰计划》系列 (1986-1991)

The Armour of God seriesThe Armour of God is basically the Hong Kong version of “Indiana Jones” as Jackie risks his life searching for the Armour of God. This is one of Jackie’s most successful movies. The fight scenes are well choreographed especially the climax which is very entertaining. The movie also has some good stunts like the car chase. With the success of the film, a sequel was made named The Armour of God 2 .

2. Project A series《A计划》系列 (1986)

Project AProject A series are a series of martial arts films directed by Jackie Chan, and starring Jackie Chan. These historical adventures set in early 1900’s Hong Kong deftly blend comedy moments and spectacular stunts. One stunning stunt involved Chan hanging and falling from the hand of a clock tower some 60 feet high, tearing through awning canopies before hitting the ground head-first. Both films nicely exploit his likeable physical prowess, and are arguably among the best of his works.

1. Police Story series《警察故事》系列 (1985-2013)

Police storyJackie Chan’s Police Story film series comprises five Hong Kong crime-action films. The first film Police Story was released in 1985. With the film’s success, five sequels were made. The film tells the story of a cop trying to bring down a crime boss but the plot doesn’t mean much when scenes such as the shopping mall fight will blow you away.  The film is full of brilliant fight scenes and breath taking stunts. I highly recommend this movie to any action fans and I believe this is Jackie Chan’s best film.

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