Top 10 Bruce Lee’s Surprising Physical Feats

Bruce Lee, formerly known as Li Zhenfan, was born in San Francisco, California in 1940. His ancestral home is located in Jun’an Town, Shunde city, China’s Guangdong province. He was a pioneer of the world martial arts revolution, a martial arts master, founder of the Jeet Kune Do, a martial arts philosopher, the father of MMA (mixed martial arts), Chinese martial arts film actor, the first global promoter of Chinese martial arts, Hollywood’s first Chinese actor. His martial arts movies broke a number of records, the film “The Way of the Dragon ” broke box office record in Asia, his another movie “Enter the Dragon” obtained $230 million at global box office.

Bruce Lee is the most prominent Kung Fu fighter in the 20th century. His strength quality is preeminent and was greatly praised by many top-level fighters of the same period. Here I have collected some Bruce Lee’s physical records, each record is very amazing:

1. Broke 45 kilos of sand bag with the “side kick”.

bruce lee side kick

2. Hit out the strength of 1600 pounds with nunchakus.

bruce lee nunchakus
3. He could punch 9 times in just one second, His One Inch Punch could spring a 75kg opponent 5-6 meters away.

4. He could easily put one finger into an unopened can of Coca-Cola, at a time when cans were made of steel.

brucelee picture
5. Lee could hit out the heavy fist of 350 pounds, the boxing champion Muhammad Ali could also hit the same amount of pounds, but Lee was just 130 pounds in weight, while Ali 260 pounds. They were not on the same weight class.

6. He could kick 6 times during one second; His signature move “Skip SideKick” could kick a 200 pounds guy with safeguard armour into the sky. The guy flew 20 meters away and fell into the swimming pool.

7. The data shows that Lee could do around 1500 pushups with both hands; 400 for one hand; 200 for two fingers (ordinary people even cannot support himself) ; 100 for one thumb.

bruce-lee-one finger-pushup
8. Lee once kicked the 135 kilos sand bag to the ceiling, about 5 meters.

9. Lee could take 32 kilos of dumbbell with one hand, stretch arm and remain level for 20 seconds; Lee could hold a 57 kg barbell straight out.

10. Lee fight 300 times in unarmed combat in all his life and never be defeated, He knocked down opponent in just 5 seconds, which was the most quick once.

bruce lee fight

Bruce Lee is somewhat a superman that can not be defeated. Do you know other amazing things or surprising physical facts about Bruce Lee’s superpowers. Please share it by commenting below.

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  1. Bean Laden says:

    Bruce Lee had anal sex Chuck Norris.

  2. Looney tunes says:

    I admire Bruce Lee, but the bullshittery is truly astounding in this article.

  3. Gasso says:

    My top 10 records Bruce Lee has achieved:
    1.The most powerful punch
    2.The fastest punch
    3.The most powerful one-inch punch
    4.One-thumb push-ups
    5.The most powerful finger force
    6.The incredible arm
    7.The side-kick on bag
    8.Breaking 5 one-inch boards in the air with side-kick
    9.The jump kick
    10.The side-kick on body

  4. Mowgli says:

    All of this bullshit. Literally every one of those feats is made up cartoon nonsense. How a grown man with a functioning brain could believe any of that blows my mind.

  5. Jonny says:

    And Bruce Lee never kicked a guy over 60 feet through the air, most of these claims are ridiculous

  6. Jonny says:

    Ali’s weight fluctuated through his career, at his peak he was generally fighting between 220 and 225

  7. LMAO says:

    Muhammad Ali 260 pounds? LOL these claims couldn’t be anymore fake and surreal.

  8. shivam sharma says:

    I am bigesst fan brucee lee fan nd plz hlp me the marshal adda traning

  9. kamal says:

    great post, Bruce Lee still till this day is impressive with his feats. Legendary.

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