The 10 Most Expensive Cigarettes in China

Known as a state of etiquette and ceremonies, Chinese considers the etiquette as an important part of its culture. Especially on holidays and festivals, offering gifts has become an important part of Chinese life. In Chinese eyes, presenting gifts has become one of the most important traditional cultures. People send gifts either for a promotion and or obtaining a business opportunity. Here listed is China’s top 10 most expensive brands of cigarettes, each one can be used as a gift.

1. Huang He Lou 1916  黄鹤楼1916 – RMB8500/carton

This cigarette brand is named after a famous ancient building of the same title in China`s central Hubei province. Huang He Lou is a premium cigarette brand, each pack is hand-made by professional Chinese technician. Every 1 kg of this kind of tobacco is screened out of 200 kg tobacco.

2. Liqun 利群 – RMB1900/carton

Founded in 1960, Liqun cigarette is a time-honoured high-end brand produced by Hangzhou Cigarettes Factory. The cigarette is recognized for its smooth and elegant taste.

3. Zhenlong 真龙 – RMB1900/carton

This brand is created by China Tobacco Guangxi Industrial Corporation in 2001. Zhenlong cigarettes are made from Zimbabwe tobacco and high-quality domestic leaf tobacco. It features “rich odour, low tar and hazard.” With unique taste and Chinese dragon-packed case, it soon becomes one of the fast-growing cigarette brands in China.

4. Zuan Shi (or Diamond) 钻石 – RMB1800/carton

Zuan Shi brand was founded in 2001 in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province. The brand is popular for its “good taste and great value for money.” The most premium pack is called Ruan Jing Tai, which features soft taste and good aroma.

5. Dong Chong Xia Cao 冬虫夏草 –  RMB1600/carton

This brand is created by Inner Mongolia Kunming Cigarettes Co., Ltd. Chinese caterpillar fungus is very expensive. The cigarette made of it is more expensive.

6. Zi Qi Dong Lai (or New Century) 紫气东来  – RMB1400/carton

Zi Qi Dong Lai literally means the purple air comes from the east, which is a sign of luckiness in traditional Chinese culture. This brand is produced by Taiyuan Cigarette Factory. Its tobacco golden yellow and smells smooth. It is said that this brand is very difficult to get.

7. Xiong Mao (or Panda)  熊猫 -RMB1200/carton

Panda cigarette was created in 1956 by Shanghai Tobacco (Group) Company. It uses the finest quality raw materials from both at home and abroad, creating rich and delicate scent. This brand became famous for Chinese leader Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping like it very much.

8. Huaxicun 1961 华西村 – RMB1200/carton

Huaxicun cigarette brand was established in the 1990s. It is produced with domestic and international  high-quality tobacco mixed with natural spices. It is produced in Huaxi Village, which is dubbed China`s richest village, Jiangyin City, Jiangshu province.

9. Hao Rizi  好日子 – RMB1000/carton

Hao Rizi, which means “good days,”  is made by Shezhen Tobacco Company. It has been sold to over 20 provinces and Southeast Asian countries, it has become the most influential cigarette brand in Shenzhen.

10. Hongtashan 红塔山 – RMB500/carton

Hongtashan is a one of the most well-known premium cigarette brands  in China. The brand, founded in 1959, gets its name from the location of its main production base – Hongtashan Hill in Yuxi. In the US, the brand is usually called “Red Pagoda Mountain.”

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  1. Cora says:

    You don’t understand Chinese cigarette market dude

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    Chungwha not in the list quite surprising

  3. Mithu says:

    but how is those quality?

  4. Elton says:

    I am based in Zimbabwe and i market Flue Cured Virginia lamina and top Chinese cigarette called Jin long.Contact-

  5. Keb says:

    I have a set in a gift box with Panda cigarettes and also with a lighter…..I have also photos which I could download and I want to sell it. Can somebody tell what the approx. market value is please?
    Regards Kurt

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