Shaolin Monk Yi Long KO One of the Best American SEAL Soldiers

Recently, Yi Long, Chinese Shaolin Kungfu monk, defeated his opponent, 辛•毅利 a US Navy Seal, in an impressive boxing match in Las Vegas. 辛•毅利 is IKF kickboxing champion, black belt in karate, aikido black belt and former U.S. SEAL.

In November, Yi Long was defeated by Adrien Grotte, an American police officer, also an ex-member of the U.S. Marine Corps.


Right now Yi Long flew to Las Vegas again to have his final battle, but Adrien Grotte withdrew due to the wound. The No.1 Shaolin Kung Fu player KO his opponent with Shaolin Kung Fu and international fighting techniques and won the battle.


This video is very hot and has been viewed about 15 million times on Youtube.


4 Responses

  1. erwan says:

    its hurt many american pride, GI joe only must be win in hollywood movie as centcom propaganda

  2. Hugh Jawoodi says:

    Shea Ealey is NOT a former Seal. He spent six years in the Marines. He is also not an IKF champion. This was an amateur bout. The IKF documents all of their champions on their website. This PROPAGANDA was fabricated to try and redeem Yi Long, who got his ass handed to him the previous November by American police officer Adrien Grotte. Do some research or STFU……

    • Angus McBastard says:

      This is a Pro fight, If it is part of his professional record…its a pro fight, its that simple.

      stop white knighting for YOO-ESS-AY! ( he gets beat by a US copper in the end, chill )

  3. Thai fight says:

    I want to see Yi Long, the best of SaoLin monk, fight with Buakaw, Muay Thai Fighter. This match will be fun. Thank you

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