Sexy Girl Students Graduation Photos Spread

“South China Normal University graduation photos” are truly exceptional. In their graduation photo, all 36 girls- (except for seven girls) wear sexy pants: high heels, dressed in a black silk, white shirt with red tie, and some are even with “black silk” like “white-collar beauty “.

South China Normal University graduation photos

The original post is named “Amazing graduation photos, count how many male students you can find”.  This post crazily circulated in major Chinese forums.

South China Normal University graduation photos

It is known that the photo is from Information Technology Department of Institute of South China Normal University, the taken time was May 19, 2011. On that day many cameras and microphones were at the scene and it looks like this is a “press conference”. Parents of some students were also invited to attend it.

“We do not want to ‘be popular’, those unprovoked attacks and obscene imagine make us very afraid. ” the party girl “Parvati ” said in her micro-blog, her class has a total of 44 girls, 6 boys. The “Amazing Graduation Photos” only include 36 girls, simply for entertain themselves.


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  1. yoyoma says:

    Too bad all the girls here are ugly. the one in the stockings looks like a prostitute too. lmao

  2. China Whisper says:

    they showed their women side maybe just want to do something different and be famous.

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