Peking University president’s Chemistry song is dubbed “The Divine Comedy”

                            Screenshot of chorus video of "Chemistry is you, chemistry is me”

“Chemistry, you are so powerful; chemistry, no wonder you cannot but have to be hot.” Following web song “Tante”, this song called “Chemistry is you, chemistry is me” soon becomes hot online with lyrics written byZhouQifengPekingUniversity, President and sung byPekingUniversitystudent chorus. It is dubbed “The Divine Comedy” by Chinese netizens and soon sparks online controversy.

The video was uploaded to Sina and quickly raised concerns. The entire length of the song is only 4 minutes, and dozens of young students sang the song, what catch people’s eyes is that the lyrics writer is Zhou Qifeng, headmaster of Peking Uiniversty and performers are from chorus of Peking University.

“What is chemistry, chemistry is you, what is chemistry, chemistry is me.” The lyrics are written in big truth, for example parents gave birth to you and me “is the result of chemical processes”, the human digestive system “is a place of chemical process.” At least from chemist’s view, human memory, thinking and even emotions are the result of chemical processes of substances.

Zhou Qifeng is president of Peking University and a famous polymer chemist.

The song was created and then sung in the celebration party of “2011 International Chemistry Year and Peking University Chemistry Cultural Festival”. Although this song was created under the “force” from students, Zhou Qifeng said that he had bigger “ambition”: “I hope more people like it, and then begin to love chemistry; also I want this song to enter chemistry textbooks and sung by more students.”

When the video was posted to, it soon becomes the new hot topic and ranks top 10 at Baidu search Billboard.

Most netizens hold attitudes of criticism, ridiculing the president is not serious and that  the song itself is shocking. “The most amazing thing is from actor to audience, all are HELD (still and no move)” another netizen said, “chemical process is beginning, and I feel like vomiting up.”

Some scholars also criticized it. Xu Jilin,a Well-known scholar, wrote on, that “PekingUniversitypresident, have a little self-love, please.PekingUniversitystudents, please you have some self-esteem.” In Peking University BBS, some students relate chemistry to toxic milk powder, lean and other food scandals, and adapted the lyrics as “chemistry harms you, chemistry harms me.”




























What is chemistry?

Chemistry is you

What is chemistry?

Chemistry is me

What is chemistry for?

Chemistry is for you

What is chemistry for?

Chemistry is for me

Parents give birth to you and me

lalala it is the result of chemical process

Your and my digestive system

lalala is a place of chemical process

Memory and thinking activities

Can be depicted as chemical process

Can be depicted as chemical process

Depict, depict

Even if you and my emotions

Are also a result of chemical process

Are also created by Chemical substances.

Chemistry, you are so magical and powerful

Oh, no wonder you cannot but have to be hot

Oh brothers, let’s work together

Oh, struggle for the advance of human ship

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