Homemade road sweeper is equal to 20 cleaners

March 14, 2012, a homemade road sweeping vehicle was cleaning up the road in Dangyang city, central China’s Hubei province.  

It is reported that the road sweeper was developed by local road maintenance workers. 16 bamboo brooms are fixed on a two-axle round iron plate which is installed in rear axle of garbage truck. Vehicle’s axle will drives iron plate and no need for additional power.

This self-made road sweeper can complete 20 kilometers of road surface cleaning in a day, which is equal to 20 workers` full day work.

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  1. China Whisper says:

    They do not care where the dust has gone, they just make sure it is not on the road. that`s their job.

    • Some Guy says:

      “….that`s their job.”

      > This sort of mentality is EXACTLY what is wrong with China.

      This sort of mentality is EXACTLY the reason why things like these are allowed to happen:

      -They don’t care where the garbage went -so long as its not in their plot. Many Chinese people cannot think past their own skin, it is these selfishness and complete disregard for anything except themselves is what makes China a complete shit-hole to live in. Unfortunately, these sheep-like narrow minded simpletons are exactly what the government wants to continue their corrupted seat of power.

  2. Some Guy says:

    Don’t kid yourself, this is not a fucking cleaner, it does nothing to clean up the environment, if anything it just makes it worse by stirring up the dust and brush it around, the dust is still there, just now they are in the air with harmful bacterias and virus in them for people to breath into their lungs. SMART MOVE DUMB ASSES! this is why farmers shouldn’t invent anything, leave it to someone who actually took some decent education.

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