Hebei University Students Live Sex Video Spread Online

Some Taiwan schools planned to install monitor in the classroom to combat “Bullying”, the plan soon led to controversy about “invasion of privacy”.

While in mainland China two students in Hebei Polytechnic University staged a love affair in an empty classroom to enjoy an excited moment with each other. The entire process was recorded by closed-circuit television monitor and leaked by a student in the University. The video soon spread crazily on the internet.

hebei university student love video

The footage lasts about 15 minutes in high definition. The girl wears yellow curly hair and white dress. As for the guy, he is a a muscle man with tall and brawny physique. The two sit on a classroom seat and are having sex very intensely

Interestingly, after the sex, both found the monitor are there and show very stiff expression. It is known that the two students are from Hebei Polytechnic University College of Light Industry, the incident occurred at noon time last summer and the film was from a student on duty in the monitor room. After watching the video many netizens think they are too “exaggerated”, and question the low moral quality of college students, “Do they really have unrestrained sexual craving?”

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