Guo Meimei Responds No Relations with the Red Cross, Refusing to Disclose Identity

Recently, a woman named “ Guo Meimei Baby” Showed off her extravagant lifestyle on her Sina weibo and claimed to be the general manager of a company called Red Cross Commerce, Since that she soon becomes the hottest topic on China’s major form and microblog sites. The Red Cross Society of China, made a public statement on June 22 saying that there was company named Red Cross Commerce under it and Guo Meimei is not its employee. The Sina Micro Blog admitted that they failed to verify her identity and apologized for it.

Show off girl Guo Meimei China girl

Show-off girl Guo Meimei arouses hot debate online

On the evening of June 21, a netizen called “Guo Meimei Baby” caught the attention of netizens on Sina Weibo. According to her posts, Guo Meimei, 20, owns several luxury sports cars and dozens of brand designer handbags. Her young age, lavish lifestyle and her verified title – Red Cross Commerce general manager aroused curiosity among micro bloggers.

Guo Meimei

The woman’s flaunting of her wealth sparked anger in the online community. Many posters accusing the Red Cross of being a corrupt organization,saying they wouldn’t donate money to them in the future. Furthermore, a netizen connected Guo Meimei with Guo Changjiang, Vice-President of Red Cross Society of China, claiming that Guo Meimei might be his daughter.

Red Cross denies Guo Meimei is its employee

The Red Cross noted that there is no such organization as Red Cross Commerce, where the blogger claimed to be a general manager. As for the above mentioned suspicions, an employee from Red Cross explained to the reporter that Guo Meimei is not the daughter of their vice-president.He added that Guo Changjiang has no micro blog account and no daughter.

The Red Cross’ words also indicate that they oppose tricks to obtain public awareness by generating false information. They hope that the general public can deal with this kind of event with peace of mind and will not be deceived.

On top of that, the Red Cross also conveyed its thankfulness in the statement to all social groups for their help through the years and hope all fields of work can keep on watching over its work.

Sina Weibo apologizes for failing to review Guo Meimei’s identity

A “V” sign on Guo’s web page suggests that her individual info had been examined and confirmed by Sina Corp, the operator of Now this sigh has been eliminated.

Weibo stated Guo had formerly said in her individual info that she was an actress, but after being approved, she altered it to “general manager of Red Cross Commerce”.

Weibo apologized to the Red Cross and its users for failing to cautiously examine Guo’s info and promised to tighten the verification procedure.

True identity of Guo Meimei is still a mystery

In the face of numerous online anger, Guo Meimei posted on her weibo page saying she had no relations with the Red Cross. She also said that she was not associated with the Red Cross Society of China or Guo Changjiang. “I am an actress and the rumors have hurt me” she wrote. “I and my family are tax payers. How can people attack us about how we spend our money?”

As for netizens` inquiry about her “true identity”. Guo Meimei did not respond. She remains silent and hopes things can calm down in a few days. For negative impact on the Red Cross, Ding Shuo, the responsible man from Red Cross said that they had not yet to consider prosecution, as currently the litigation subject was not clear now, whether there was a speculation team was not clear, “If there is really a speculation team, then we will be caught in the trap if we sue her.”

The latest news says that Guo Meimei was put into jail on Sep 10, 2015 by a Beijing court for being convicted of  operating an illegal casino in Beijing.

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  5. some guy says:

    I just hope that when they get old, and look back at their life, and realise it was just one big fucking joke!

  6. some guy says:

    it saddens me to see that people with so much money have such little contribution to the society – there is so much I want to acomplish, but with no money to realise it.

    buying luxury goods like lamborghini or LV handbags do not make people envy you (if that is what they want to achieve, it failed to work on me). It makes people see you as shallow, dumb, immature, and do not understand your own purpose in life. if you want people to envy you, then have achievements to show for it, (for example Bill Gates etc.) then people will truly envy you for who you are, not because how much money they have, but because of their abilities and personality, and they have left a history in our society!

    If you had so much money, there are so many posibilities, go open a school, support a hospital, investment into R&D, invent new products, even opening a store is better than burning money to make people jealous of you. they only person who you can make jealous are the pesants ( the same class as you), but what does that accomplish?! you cannot make us educated people jealous, because we know that deep down, you are not worth shit!

    • China Whisper says:

      Actually most of the rich can be put into two categories, One, wealthy but low key, they just enjoy their treasure and life, most of them like to be unknown to the public. a large part of them are preparing to move and settle abroad. The other kind is some newly rich, they are huge but vulgar. buy big villas ,luxury cars and show off their lavish lifestyle, and all these will arouse resentment of the rich.

      But all of them have a common characteristics. they all do not do charity to the society or do very less. Chinese rich people are really disappointing.

  7. China Whisper says:

    Er nai literally means ‘second wife’ – but er nais are not wives in the traditional sense. An er nai is a modern concubine, someone that a man decides to take in addition to his wife, while the first wife is still around.

    The couple aren’t married and children are out of the question. The basics the woman is expected to supply are sex and company, and in return the man generally buys or rents a flat for her and pays her some pocket money.

    The modern concubine is typically young, pretty, educated, fashionable, and in it for the money. Most people in Beijing either know somebody who is an er nai, or somebody who has one.

    And San Nai means the third concubine.

  8. wacky says:

    so what she is an ER-NAI OR SAN -NAI???

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