“Glorious Mission” Chinese Military Video Game Released

Chinese Military Video Game Glorious MissionBeijing, June 28, The First Chinese military video game was released to help train soldiers. The video game is named “Glorious Mission”, which was developed by the People’s Liberation Army Nanjing Military Area Command with 32 months to complete.

It is based on military life with realistic looking uniforms, weapons and kit. In the game, players fight alone or in teams for completion of the task. News reports show scores of Chinese troops dutifully gaming away in front of their computer screens, according to China Central TV broadcast.

After watching this fantastic war game video, now many military fans are searching for it from web and hope install and play it at first. But some netizens guess it should be for soldiers training only and not available for common people.

Game Video

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  1. some guy says:

    the graphics are mediocre, but considering this game is developed by the Chinese government, I’d say that they did a fairly good job.

    The chinese army really revolutionized over the past years, it’s now looking very similar to the American army, the Chinese Special OPs unit looks exactly like a Navy SEAL!!

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