5 videos of foreigners who speak Chinese dialects really well

Mike Sui speaks very fluent Chinese, and his hilarious video has become the top 10 most popular videos on Youku.com (the biggest Chinese video portal) Below I’ve listed 5 videos in which foreigners can speak Chinese with different local accents:  

1. Mike Sui  – Act as 12 people and speak in English and Chinese, hilarious.

If you can not play in China, you can choose the alternate video link as follows:http://news.youku.com/shidashipin2012/mike

2. Chris speaks Nanjing dialect

3. A Laowai (foreigner) speaks Shanghai dialect.

4. A foreigner speaks Cantonese  (Guangdong dialect)

5.  Nanjing Medical University teacher Jake sings cantonese song “Glorious Days”

How do you think about their Chinese dialects. Feel free to add  the list in the comments below if you’ve discovered other impressive non-native Chinese speakers.

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