Chinese Man Builds Homemade iPad 3

Shanzhai Ipad 3

While Apple fans are looking forward to the launch of iPad 3, a Chinese youth cannot wait and first make a DIY “iPad 3” , he then shot the whole process and uploaded it to website. which has attracted many views online. This homemade iPad costs 2,000 Yuan and is completed in two weeks. Many internet users leave comments and praise the young man “can do what others cannot”

In a 20-minute video named “Apple should worship now! Domestic players DIY iPad 3” posted on, Liu Xinying demonstrates how to carefully measure the bottom plate and hard disk size, draw the “iPad 3” design, and then assemble lots of computer parts, a touch screen and a leather case with a keypad to a white DIY iPad 3.

chinese man self made ipad

At the end of the video dubbed “DIY IPAD 3”, Liu shows off the finished version with the Apple logo sticker, although the body was apparently thicker than the genuine, and the operating system is Apple’s rival – Microsoft window, but it can still be considered “light.” Liu also demonstrates how to use this iPad to browse Google Map and e-books.

Liu is a 21-year-old youth from Shandong Province, he originally worked in a computer shop in Jinan City. He said that this video was uploaded a month ago, so far more than a dozen people asked him create an iPad for them, but he refused, “I just do it for fun, this machine costs 2000 Yuan.” Compared to the cheapest genuine16GB iPad 2, which is sold in China at 3688 yuan, the most expensive 64GB version is even up to 5288 Yuan, this homemade Shanzhai ipad 3 is really very cheap.

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  2. I want this thing!!!! call that chinaboy sell me! i will buy it at ringgit malaysia Rm400!!!!

  3. some guy says:

    LOL, so he uses parts from other tablets to make a tablet, yea big deal. I’m a computer person so I can tell this is nothing really. did he make all the parts himself? no of course not, can I do this too? yes of course. would I buy this for 2000 RMB? no of course not!

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