Chinese in Africa: Chinese Men Marry African Wife

chinese husband Angola wifeChinese man marries a Angola Girl

Since China’s implementation of the strategy of “going out” strategy, a large number of Chinese men started to work abroad and many have married African women as the other half.

It is already not unusual that a Chinese men marry a black women; however, few Chinese men dare to bring black girls back home due to some reasons.

Below are some photos of Chinese husband with African wife. The first photo is a Chinese man marrying a beautiful Angola girl. His wife is a black beauty. She is very slim and not a fat one as we generally think, her skin is not dark but brown, the couple already has two children- two twin boys – at about age of 5 or 6. From children’s look, sorry, the father’s gene is too strong; both look more like father than mother except for a little bit black skin.

Following the footsteps of Chinese companies, may Chinese workers go to Africa and work there for years. Some find their wife there and decided to settle in Africa permanently with their African family.

A large number of Chinese men marry African women; maybe it can effectively solve the gender imbalance problem in China!

The picture was shot in the subway in South Africa; they are talking in Chinese languange.

Chinese farmer worker and African wifeChinese migrant worker marries a wife in Gabon, Africa!

Liaoning man marries a wife from EthiopiaA man form China’s Liaoning province marries a  Ethiopia wife.

Hubei guy marries a Tanzanian wifeA Hubei province guy marries a Tanzanian wife! His wife is beautiful and the husband looks very happy!

Côte d’Ivoire woman and her Chinese childThis is a child of a couple of a Chinese man and African woman, I have been thinking if this child should be considered a Chinese (just a little black)? Very confused ah!!! The child’s mother is a Côte d’Ivoire woman while the father a migrant worker from China.

The son of a wealthy businessman in Sichuan, China, married the Kenya Miss!!!

 Shandong man and his African daughterA migrant worker from China’s Shandong province has a daughter with his African wife, his wife died when the daughter was two years old, and he himself grows vegetables on the outskirts of Nairobi to support the whole family. He is both a father and mother. Life must be very difficult for him.

Great Shandong man!  Great Chinese man!

 A mixed-blood man of Chinese and African in MauritiusA mixed-blood man of Chinese and African in Mauritius. The father, from Taishan of Guangdong province, went to Africa to make a living half a century ago, the mother was a local black African. This picture was shot when he returned to Guangdong to get together with the Chinese family.

Chinese African wifeWhen Chinese companies help boost economic development in Africa, some Chinese men also win the hearts of many African girls. Their wife can speak good Mandarin Chinese. These are Chinese wife in Lagos, Africa.

fujian man and his African wifeThis young Chinese guy is from Fujian province and now lives in Congo, African. The girl is his African wife. They open a restaurant there to make money, and the wife can even talk in Chinese.

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  1. rosa says:

    CBS anchor woman Cindy Hsu got so crazy she seid she wanted to pull Julie Chen eyes!

  2. Maria says:

    Thank you for this article. Love it. It’s great if you find a good Chinese man to marry. So many ignorant and jealous comments here. It’s insane how crazy people get when black/African women get with other races of men. People are so jealous.

  3. Kimberly Muro says:

    All these black women are ugly, smell like shit! And you know why these Chinese men aren’t bringing them back home ? Because they will never be accepted they look like monkeys with the fake hair weave having ass hoes 😂

  4. BIO KILLER says:

    Hey Hua, ping pong Chong. There’s plenty of hard working black guys out there. There’s plenty of lazy Chinese men who are a pong long Chong like you.

  5. Jim Jong says:

    Well, Chinese women are so bad that even Chinese men would be with African women or any women compared to Chinese women.

  6. 313chris says:

    Chinese men destroy their bloodline and shame their families by mixing with filthy subhuman black monkeys.

    • Sophia says:

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      Invisible eyes, I think medicated glasses where made for Asian XD
      You Asian are so feminine, there are no men in Asia just girls~
      Blacks dating or getting married to you fags are only after you money morons we don’t genuinely like asians.
      It is either because you have a pretty girly face that makes blacks squeal or your pocket is loaded hahaha.
      So don’t think so highly of yourselves ‘CHEN’ 😉
      Did you guys forget you have little penis, no stamina and bed and a cowards that runs to hide underneath their moms skirt when they have problems? Lol
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      • peter says:

        for whatever reason you hate asian men. let me guess ,hmmm… aha, you get abused sexually and financially by asian guys. hahaha

      • Hate Chris 313 says:

        The guy that wrote that is a white racist . he is not Chinese. He has a mental problem caused by his fathers’s use of his anus as a practice hole for his dad’s friends . This is what has caused his mental disease. His mother was also a mental retard because she is also his aunt. You can see his idiot Neanderthal blog online. He feels bad because he learned he is part Neanderthal and not fully human like African people’s are.

    • Chuck says:

      Stop acting like a white racist gook. Your race isn’t nothing but yellow shit. Stay to your cat and dog eating own.

      • Derp says:

        Hey Chuck. Black people have no civilization. They live in huts and they bang men in tribal meetings. Fuck back to your shithole country.

  7. Tumelo Mathe (the American Basutho) says:

    God gave the Africans the most of his world. Others talk, but they come to the African people to learn how to be a person. That will never change. He gave the Aborigine the other treasure of his world. Those that come to make problems, have only a very short time left in this world. You will come to know this, sooner than most think.

  8. zekhong says:

    Angola girl is cutie.I will also marry her if I were that man.

  9. gica says:

    lol i like it , i am african male . i study in china now . i have many Chinese friends .i lived in the west for 8 years . Chinese are the most friendly people you will ever met ! trust me on that! there is almost 0 crime in china in the population of 1.5 billion !!!! so if chinese want to marry black women ,who cares?? guys its 2014-2015!!! they can marry whoever they want ……..Recently the chinese president say:” China will never use Force to achieve its goal” i dont think they are colonizing africa. Unless the west that Arm rebels that commit genocide and assassinate presidents .Africa will be free one day and China is not the ennemy!! When was the last time you hear chinese goverment supporting rebels in Africa or some bushitting president??

  10. baraka says:

    Ken, if you argue to these monsters you will earn their fuck views of un humanity and harshness, dear who fuck are they? do they mean anything to us, grow up they can’t colonise up we are mentally active let them dare and pay their fuck unus a face to pity whoever loves either asian or european must be killed leave our beautiful africa for God’s sake you dumbs

  11. Nunya says:

    Dear people…its all political. They will colonize Africa and take your land. Watch and see…

  12. Ken says:

    None of you ignorant, johnny come lately rascist chinese motha fuckas no a shit about african history or culture. We’re no way inferior to you, and you, laight the whites you both envy and loathe, can handle the truth. Ancient Egypt and Nubia, from where the West got its script, and much of its science, were black African. We have our own ancient, sophisticated, martial arts, such as that of the ancient, elite Kadiang warriors’ society. We’ve forgotten more shit than you’ll ever know, you pie faced mothafudkas.

    • sonya says:

      Ken- You’re a liar, either a hateful bitter angry racist black man, or a misinformed troll. Chinese culture and civilization is just as old as africa. the oldest civilization is in babylonia, located today in Iran.

    • Vladimir says:

      The troglodyte 313chris is a Russian Information War agent .. he is White and has a blog full of this type of crap .. he is here to cause inter racial hatred don’t think he is Chinese and take hate out on Chinese as a group because of this Russian bot comment . Hate Russia for starting this crap. We all know they are the racists offering white farmers in South Africa citizenship. Don’t reply with racist hate to a white man coming here to cause division and keep us ALL from sending him back to the caves he came from

  13. Usiic says:

    haha yes! shitty blackys being enriched by superior Chinese genes.
    It’s a taste of their own medicine. they fuck white women, now they have to pay the price and must become Chinese.

    • sonya says:

      Usiic- you’re an idiot. most of africa have been mixing with different people for hundreds of years or more. africa is known for it’s diverse gene pool. grow up!

  14. Lilly says:

    Welcome to Africa my Chinese brothers, you are at home. Contribute to the development of our beautiful continent and be prosperous and happy. We are all citizens of the world and there is only one race. The funny thing is that when disaster strikes we forget about racial issues for a short time, we suddenly become one nation. Mmm interesting!!!

  15. DAMIAN says:

    Negroids and Mongoloids should realize that they’re the same.

  16. ealin says:

    I also merry to a Chinese man, my mother is indian and my father is African
    and my husband is Chinese he came from china to Guyana and we fell in love at high school, I am like the birth child of the movie missippis masala ,we have 3 lovely kids together 2boys and 1 girl, i personal think you don’t know when you going to fall in love with and at that time i don’t think race matter, because if we take out skin and cut our hair who will ever know what race we are? so i think we are all god creation, i think every body should see each other as a special being,

  17. marta h/m says:

    well,am ethiopian that is gud.but chinese guy are not cute like korean a day korean guys are hot nowaday.

  18. lamya says:

    We are all human beings! Let us look past skin!!!!!!!!

  19. Morenito says:

    The so called “Chinese-Mauritian” is actually Michael Lee Chin a Chinese-Jamaican

    • Peter says:

      I do not like you racism bias, every one is equal. We should not judge people by skin color.

      • cylindrical crown says:

        We’re all equal? So you could walk onto a pro basketball team and be equal to all the other players? No one is equal to anyone else.

  20. Red Right hand says:

    To be fair China has a female shortage.

    • That may be true, but it does not make sense socially how Chinese men from mainland china fresh off the boat who are socially inept manage to score with black women at all? Also their small penises would be a turn off. They are not the rich chinese and even the wealthy chinese have trouble finding caucasian women in North America. How do these poorer Chinese even have a chance other than in Indonesia? Sociologically this seems difficult.

      • low IQ says:

        better question you should be asking, instead of penis size… is how the Chinese are dominating the economies of Africa these days..

      • Vi Qiong says:

        Black women do not necessary have a well in between their legs.

        Besides, any hard shaft would have a bigger impact than otherwise.

      • THOMPON MORRE says:

        Maybe you’re projecting your own inability to find quality women on others. You are an angry little man because you realized you are literally at the bottom of the pecking order.

      • hashi says:

        Hey pseudoscientist , don’t be jealous if an asian man took away your girl

      • Healer says:

        Generally speaking Asian men like to stick to their own kind. We find Asian women far more attractive, physically and personalit wise, than women other races. Men of all races pretty much all desire Asian women and have fetishes so you see more Asian women with Non Asian men. And a lot of these men chasing after asian women have really small penis. I bet you have a small one ! Even worse, a smaller brain and wallet.

  21. mohamed amin says:

    life is beautiful, let us live free and friendly.but i do not see here any black man with his Chinese wife or girlfriend, what is going on?please we must ,,,,,,more equitable,,,,ah,ah,ah!any way talk free, congratulation!

    • In a normal social darwinian model, a black man would win over a chinese wife and the chinese man would not get a black wife. So this is an interesting phenomena that is not natural to the social darwinian makeup.

      • Michael Cooper says:

        Wow! Is the chinese the new colonialist in Africa? Where are the pictures of married black men and chinese women? Also, african or black genes are much stronger than chinese genes.

        • Vi Qiong says:

          I don’t see any problem with Chinese men having married black Africans. They went to Africa and like all almost men, they are attracted to woman. They fell in love for whatever reason, they then get married n then start their family.

          I would like to see how the presence of the Chinese will impact Africa in the longer term.

      • NE Mongoloid says:

        your comment made my day, according to 3 different research stats from YIP, Okcupid, black women are least desirable among any race, while Chinese women come on on top surpassed white, So in a real life situation, no Chinese, White, Latino, or even black male themselves would give black women the time of the day. and what? black men chinese lady? loL! never seen/heard anything this funny, I don’t know any decent raised east asian Chick would lower themselves to a ghetto thug.

        • sonya says:

          NE Mongoloid- You are wrong, I disagree with you. I live in NYC, in U.S, and I have seen asian chinese women and other asian women with black men. I don’t know where you live, but in Canada, new york city and other major U.S cities, also in London U.K, the younger generation of east asians are dating various races of people today. some get married, have children, others just date for fun. lots of mixed race asian children, adults too in the west. maybe you should get out more, lol!

        • Marcia Elizabeth says:

          Beauty is a gift and not everyone is blessed with it. To condemn a particular race as being most unattractive is Dumb, Ugly and unattractive not to mention, utterly childish, so choose your words wisely, and better still keep your unwarranted ugly opinions to your ugly self.

      • Hua says:

        Black men are lazy and worthless. They are at the bottom of the scale of social/genetic evolution.

        Hence it makes sense black African women will leave them for superior Chinese males.

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