Beijing to build the tallest building in the city

China ZunThe construction ofBeijing’s tallest building, the 500-metre-high China Zun skyscraper began in central business district (CBD) on Monday, 19 September.

The design of the China Zun building was inspired by an ancient Chinese wine vessel, the building will serve as both an office building and a tourist destination.

The China Zun will dwarf the nearby China World Trade Center Tower 3, a 330-meter-tall building that is currently the tallest in the city.

An US-based internationally renowned Chicago architectural research organization have recently released data, it shows that in just the past decade, the number of skyscrapers built in various countries have exceeded the previous sum total in architectural history, and China has become “the No.1” in construction of skyscrapers,

After 2001, more than 350 over-200-meter skyscrapers have been built, before that the total number is 235. The agency said in post-9.11 eraChinaaccounts for more than half of the world in the constructions of skyscrapers.

In the world’s top ten completed high-rises before 2011,Chinahas accounted for 6 seats. In addition to the world’s tallest building in Dubai, the world’s third, fourth, sixth, eighth, ninth, tenth tallest building are all in China, and “China Zun” will make Beijing become another city with the world’s top ten buildings after Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nanjing and Guangzhou.

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  1. The Master says:

    @Some Guy – you sound like some dumb hypocritical buffoon. Yeah I know, you’re just another lowlife laowai that has a serious case of yellow fever and you and your little shriveled up nuts would rather settle for a mediocre career in beijing and an ugly case of lung cancer rather than go back home and get a real life…lol

  2. Some Guy says:

    Sorry, I just thought of more to add here.

    As someone who studied abroad, doing architecture in China can be very frustrating, especially when you believe in the western values you were taught. Most of the time, you are not really designing architecture, but kissing developers or government offcial’s ass.

    Looking at most of the buildings in China, I sometimes question myself why I spent 6 years studying so hard in architectural school. spend overnight every day, have no weekends, have no holidays, just torture myself through graduation and then you realize that everything you learned goes out of the window.

    Then you come to China, and you are asked to design something “good”, so you take into consideration about exterior/interior space, relationship, volume, form, colours, materials, etc.. and come up with something you are satisfied with, then the client says, “I want a building that looks like my ass!” so you start over again, and model the building to look exactly like his ass, and then he will say ‘OK! THIS IS VERY GOOD! NOW MAKE IT CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!’ then you start over again and try to make this look like his ass while spending the least amount of money.

    These buildings, you don’t need an architect(in the western sense) to design it, a high school student can do it, my grandmother can do it. take a look at these, its really these kind of stuff that makes u wonder why u need any education at all.

  3. Some Guy says:

    Such a poor rendering for something this important, looking at this makes me believe this is more of a political business than a architectural. Although I see this sort of thing happen all the time in China. We just “open one eye, close one eye” about it.

    “The design of the China Zun building was inspired by an ancient Chinese wine vessel”, which genius thought of that? a 12 year old? In China, we always see buildings design to “look like something else”, (a building that looks like a panda, a building that looks like a UFO, a building that looks like a basket) this is not serious architecture, not designed by architects, but by a bunch of corrupt government officials. this is like a bunch of kids playing in a sandbox.

    please, look at well designed cities like New York, Chicago, Melbourne, Sidney, etc there are so many examples, designed by serious and professional architects and urban planners, Chinese cities in comparison, seem like an amusement park!

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