20 Crazy Pictures of Chinese Girls With Foreign Men

In China foreigners are usually called “Laowai” by Chinese people. In Chinese mind “Laowai” are all elegant gentlemen or ladies, rich and romantic (maybe these impressions come from the foreign movies), all these good qualities make Chinese girls pursue them endlessly and crazily.

Chinese parents also feel excited and consider it as a glory of the family when their daughter tells them her boyfriend is a foreigner. So no wonder Chinese girls are crazy about foreign men. Here is a list of 20 pictures of Chinese girls becoming crazy with foreigners.

What do you think of this phenomenon, please leave your comments blow and let me know how you feel about this.

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  1. jeffrey says:

    white fever is always there for Chinese girls!

  2. Dave says:

    Haha funny thing is all these girls have something in common. “Ugliness”

  3. bert says:

    Most of the people in these pictures are acting no different than the way young chinese act these days. Some of these pictures might be simply friends being silly. You can judge a lot from a photo and also be a fool by judging too quickly based on being jealous or hateful.

    Maybe some of them are actually married or bf and gf so you case shove the judgement for your mothers, it’s none of your business.

    Today, riding my bike, I saw a chinese boy walking with his gf with his hand down the front of her shirt squeezing her nipple. Oh for shame China!

  4. Maitiu says:

    “In China foreigners are usually called Laowai. ”
    That’s like saying that in the US, foreigners are usually called Chinks.

    How about acknowledging that A) Lumping non-yellow person into one homogenous group is racist, and B) Referring to non-Han Chinese as “Laowai” is also racist? Also C) Stop being racist.

    If an article with pictures of “American girls with foreign men” (where the foreign men were referred to by a racial slur) wouldn’t be considered kosher, then this shouldn’t either.

    • Edje says:

      Yep, articles such as these keep these notions alive. Few foreign men are like this, few Chinese women are like this and I have never been called laowai, thank goodness.
      Still, media in a capitalist world will…er…capitalise on anything, I guess -___-”’

    • 雅各 says:

      I agree totally. It’s a nonsense term, along with the term “foreigner” itself. Why is it used (a) online and (b) outside China and (c) disproportionately used towards Westerners?

      They’ll launch into a debate about how the 老 isn’t derogatory, then forget to discuss 外 from a logical point of view. They forget the rule of thumb: Call someone what they introduce themselves as. i.e. I say I’m Peter from Spain, don’t call me Paul from Portugal. I’ve introduced myself. The safest way for good relations is to call me what I call myself. This renders any debates about whether the term is derogatory or not.

      I’ve never stayed friends with anyone who has insisted on referring to me as foreigner/老外/外国人.

  5. Daryl says:

    I am an Australian male and these dogs give us a bad name. I have been to China Three times and stayed for several months. I also have friends in China Please all the westerners do not behave this way to these women. You insult me and shame all the good foreigners.

  6. Laowai... says:

    I’m myself is one of many laowai’s. I lived in China for the past five years, and this still makes me want to throw up. Such a disgrace. This is the kind of people that makes people look suspicious upon “laowai’s”.

    Go home!

    • pi cao says:

      kill yourself foreign rat.

    • 雅各 says:

      If you hadn’t called yourself a laowai then you might not have encouraged this pi cao person to come and stick the boot in and say “foreign rat”. Surely you’ve got your own nationality, and you could have distanced yourself from the behaviour or pointed out that some of these women might be complicit in what’s going on and/or some of these photos might not even be taken in China.

      You called yourself what they called you, and then you got called a foreign rat. Not much of a backbone.

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