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Top 6 Flower Festivals in China

“Lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, as well as poetry, wine and flowers” are traditionally the “seven arts of the Chinese scholar”. Admiring the beauty of flowers is a very important taste of life to...

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7 Essential Data Security Tips When Traveling To China

Vacations in China are synonymous with heritage sites, idyllic locations, exotic cuisines and unforgettable adventures. That’s how we ideally like to remember China. When it comes to personal data, however, being vigilant and cautious...

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The 6 Signs That China is Becoming a Patent Powerhouse

Though everybody must be perplexed and astounded since having digested the unraveled truth of 1,000,000 and over patenting rights applications record in 2015 earned by China and having top slot consecutively since 2011 is...