Top 5 Ultimate Destinations To Visit In China

Any talk of China brings to mind thoughts of investments. However, anyone who would like to experience a vibrant city life while on vacation, China offers a number of cities from which to choose. Indeed, many foreign tourists who have visited this country have touched upon the rich history and culture of the locals. ]However, travel experts advise that anyone who plans to visit China should carefully select their preferred destination.

Based on several factors, a number of cities in China have been ranked as popular destinations. In this regard, the cities offer visitors a chance to learn about the area and the country at large. In this way, tourists get the opportunity to learn while relaxing and having fun.

1. Beijing

the Great Wall of ChinaBeijing city is the capital city of the People’s Republic of China. In line with this, the city has a long and interesting history. At the same time, there is an intriguing interaction of the heritage and modern technology, a factor that has attracted tourists from all over the world. Some of the major historical and cultural attractions to visit in this city include the Great Wall, Temple of Heaven and the Forbidden City. Apart from the modern architecture of the buildings, the city is a suitable place to learn about China.

2. Shanghai

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This is one of the most important commercial and financial centers of the world. For visitors who are interested in its culture, this would be a suitable travel destination. In fact, it has been said that the lifestyle, language and art of this city are unique. At the same time, the vibrant nightlife of the city has been compared to that of Paris. These factors have led many foreign tourists to choose Shanghai as a top tourist destination.

3. Xian

xian huimin streetXian is one of the oldest cities in the country. For this reason, the city offers any tourist the opportunity to learn of the rich culture and history of the Tang Dynasty. In addition, the number of historical heritages in Xian has led many people to compare the city to a museum. Food lovers will also get a chance to explore and sample Chinese cuisine when in Xian.

4. Guilin

Guilin cityGuilin is one of the places with the most beautiful landscapes in China. In line with this, foreign tourists visit this place to explore the breathtaking scenery of the location. The land forms in Guilin have earned it a reputation of being the international tourism city in the country. Indeed, many of the foreign tourists who visit Guilin choose to lead the rest of their lives in this area.

5. Lijiang

Lijiang city yunnanAlthough Lijiang is not as big a city in terms of geographical size, the beauty of the city is unmatched. The comfortable temperature and fresh air make for a relaxing environment for any foreign tourist who takes a trip to this location.

Anyone planning to take a trip to China should consider using the above mentioned cities as guides. Indeed, these cities have been selected by tourists who have been to China in the past. As such, those who recommend the cities are people who know what the same have to offer.

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