The 6 China Travel Tips For Beginners: Things You Need To Know

When you decide to go to some most visited tourist places in China you have to learn about some important guide about the country. Exploring countries like China can be the most exotic and memorable experience of your life. So, if you have already made up your mind about China tour then you must do some pre-planning first. In this article, you will get some valuable guidance about your China trip.

China has many different things that excite its tourist. Every year, millions of people visit China. It consists of the variety of places to roam, different festivals, mountains, monuments and a lot. It is a place that meets all your expectation of exploring something new and never seen before. Here, you will get the chance to explore nature, sightseeing like rivers, mountains and a lot more.

During your China travel, you have to keep into consideration lots of important guidelines. Every country has its own rules and regulation. Thus, before visiting such countries, you must have to do your homework first. Here we will give you some major guidelines to help you have a hassle free china travel:

1. Major Attractions of China

China has lots of things to explore. Most people think that the Great Wall and Forbidden City in Beijing are the only places to watch in China. But when you start to do a careful search, you will find the list will never end. Here is the list of some of the major attractions that you must visit:

  • Xi’an City Wall
  • The Three Pagodas in Dali
  • Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  • Shilin Stone Forest
  • Lijiang Old town
  • Wudang Mountain
  • Zhouzhuang Water Town
  • Mount Taishan
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge
  • Suzhou Gardens and Canals etc.

Apart from the above places, there are lots of other places that you must see and explore. It has numerous sights that you cannot ever forget in your life.

2. Money Exchange

It is a bitter truth you cannot survive without money. So if you are travelling to China, you must need to convert your current currency to the China Renminbi or Chinese yuan (CYN). The process is not so hard. There are several places where you can exchange currency in China, including the airport, local banks, and hotels. You have to keep all your exchange receipts because without it you cannot exchange your money back to your own currency in case you don’t use Yuan up.

3. The Best Time to Visit

It is always good to check out the best time to visit to China. During the months of April to May, it will be quite warm and comfortable there. Temperatures would be around 10-23oC. On the months of June to August, the weather will be quite hot there. In the months of September to October, the weather would be clear and there would be a slight rainfall. During the months of November to March, the weather would be cold. Thus, you can decide which time would be suitable for you.

4. Altitude Alert

If you have high altitude sickness then you must avoid Tibet area of China. There are lots of places in China, which are situated in high Altitude. So, make sure your body conditions are ready to visit those places if you want to visit high altitude area.

5. China Festival

If you want to deeply understand any place, you need to dive deep into culture, tradition and religion. China is known as the most religious place. Thus, you will chance to enjoy lots of festivals like Harbin International Ice and Show festivals, Shanghai Tourism Festivals, Hainan International Island Carnivals, Huangshan Mountain International Tourist Festivals etc.

6. Basic China Words for Tourist

During your China tour, you will always face problem in interacting with people and knowing what they are trying to say? But if you will learn some basic chinese phrase, words that you will definitely come to hear then the difficulty can be minimized. Here are some words that you need to learn:

How are you? Nǐ hǎo ma? (Nee-haoww-mah?)
Good or bad? Hǎobùhǎo? (how-boo-haoww)
Thank You  Xièxie. (sshyeah-sshyeah)
I am sorry, Duìbuqǐ. (dway-boo-chee)
Asking what something is Zhè shì shénme? (Jer shrr shnn-muh?)
How much money? Duōshao qián?
Where is.? zài nǎlǐ? (… dzeye naa-lee?)
I want to go to, Wǒ xiǎng qù… (Wor sshyang chyoo …) etc.


Guidance is quite important whenever you are visiting any new country like China. There are lots of things that you have to keep in mind before going there. Make sure that you will go with the appropriate clothes. Learn all the basic words to interact with the Chinese out there. These guidelines will help you to end up your tour in a satisfactory way.

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