6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Chinese Language School

Most people who have made their minds to travel to China for studying Mandarin are faced at some point with deciding which Chinese language school to pick. Different Chinese language schools provide students with various courses in diverse structures. What’s more, in a country like China, which has such a vast landscape, which city will you choose as your destination? Multiple choices can dazzle your eyes and make you bewildering. Whatever the situation you are in, your decision is critical to the future: you’re going to spend several months or even a year of your life to learn a new language.

Therefore, when you choose a Chinese language school in China, here are six questions you need to ask yourself or to take into consideration. These elements of the decision-making process can help you identify the very best Mandarin language school for you.

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Question 1: What Mandarin Chinese learning programs are available?

Since your ultimate target of traveling to China is to study Mandarin Chinese, the syllabus and structure of the language course should be your prominent consideration when evaluating which language school is ideal for you. Here are some principles when you evaluate the programs at different Chinese language schools.

Evaluate the following questions:

  • How long do you plan to study Chinese in China?
  • Is the program flexible enough to meet your personal needs?
  • Is this your first time trying to learn Chinese?
  • What is your focus for the Chinese language program, improve your speaking skills or simply pass the HSK (Chinese language level test)?
  • Are you interested in Chinese culture or you just simply want to learn the language?
  • Do you study Chinese for hobby, for business, or for professional career?
  • Do you want to take the Chinese lessons one-on-one or in the small group Chinese class?

Based on your personal demands, those schools that can provide tailor-made courses or that can let you customize your own program with reasonable flexibility would be appropriate for you. Keats School is the best and biggest Chinese language school in China, that can match up with all your requirements.

Keats School, founded in 2004 and located in Kunming, can provide online Chinese lessons, HSK Test Preparation, Chinese Language Course + Volunteer in China, Chinese Language Course + Tour in China, Children Chinese Program, and customized Mandarin course for organizations and companies. You can enroll at any time you want, with program duration various from 1 week to 52 weeks.

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Question 2: What Teaching Methods Does This Language School Employ?

Chinese is not an easy language, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible to master. As more and more European and American can speak Chinese fluently, there must be easy ways to master it. The methods that are used by the language schools are critical to your Mandarin learning experience. Keats uses flashcards to teach vocabulary, and uses simple ways to illustrate grammar. Check with the school about their teaching methods before applying because you can get real improvements with the help from a professional language school.

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Question 3: What Are the Teaching Qualifications of the Chinese Teachers?

A desired Chinese language school is normally supported by a dynamic and efficient team. Make sure you’re studying with a Chinese teacher who has good teaching skills and has rich experience in teaching. Generally, a professional Mandarin teacher would be able to adjust the teaching pace according to different students’ learning pace, and to apply multiple teaching methods according to different students’ levels to meet their individual learning requirements. Under the professional guidance, all your stress and tension of studying aboard will be eased to a great extent.

At Keats School, each member of the faculty is well trained and proficient in teaching Mandarin. You will receive support from both the study advisor and the life advisor during your stay at Keats. Your study advisor will also collect feedback from you regularly to make sure your Chinese learning program is practiced in the best condition and you can make steady progress as time being.

Question 4: Where is the Chinese Language School located?

The place where you live in China will greatly influence your study experience, especially the dialect of each place. The official Chinese language is Mandarin; however, China holds various dialects in different regions with its vast territory. Therefore, choosing a city with less dialect influence on their daily Chinese speaking will bring so much more benefits to your study. It’s the most important factor that you should take into serious consideration when selecting a proper destination for your Chinese learning. Let’s take Kunming as an example. Kunming is a city that almost everyone can speak standard Mandarin. It is a beautiful city with mild climate and amazing landscapes. As the capital city of Yunnan province, it boasts a vibrant foreign and local community. Kunming owns the 5th largest airport in China; therefore it’s easy to travel to but out of the beaten path of tier top cities at the same time. You could enjoy the fresh air with no pollution too. Kunming is also a convenient city to get around. Transportation includes metro, bus, fast-speed train, and shared bikes. Study Chinese in Kunming and enjoy a new life style.

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Question 5: What Are the Things to Do After Class?

When you are new to a city in a foreign country with limited language ability, the after-class activities arranged by your Chinese language school will make your language learning experience phenomenal. Your school should be able to arrange cultural activities, excursions, group dinners, language exchange with local people. These activities provide you a chance to dive into Chinese culture and local culture. In Keats community, you will have the opportunity to meet other serious Chinese learners and get a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Question 6: How Much am I Going to Spend to Study in a Chinese Language School?

The expense of the Chinese language course you are going to take is also an important aspect to think about when you choose a Chinese language school. One of the reasons why Kunming is so popular among Mandarin learners is that Kunming is a really budget-friendly city. You don’t have to pinch pennies all the time. With a lower living cost, you could save a large quantity of money for expenses in other fields. The reason why Keats School is so popular is that Keats offers the most affordable tuition fees that cover almost everything including accommodation, three meals a day, free access to facilities within the school, cultural activities and excursions on weekends.

There are plenty of Chinese language schools out there to choose from. Each school has its benefits and drawbacks, and you may pick the best one to go depending on what you’re hoping to get. We wish you the best of luck for learning Chinese in China.

Author Bio:

Zier Liu spent four years living in America where she completed a Bachelor of Management Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 2004, Zier co-founded the Keats Chinese Language School in Kunming. Being a Chinese language teacher herself, Zier has developed a systematic teaching methodology suited to Westerners of all cultural backgrounds. Her passion for teaching Chinese means she is continually seeking out ways to make acquiring the language easier and more interesting. Not only does she focus on language form, she also helps students understand Chinese culture and Chinese thinking.

Keats School’s Website: https://keatschinese.com

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