Top 5 Tips About Finding Chinese-speaking Partners

Finding a great language partner is one of the effective methods to learn Mandarin. Today, you have many different ways to find Chinese partners to practice Chinese via Internet. But what are some key things you should keep in mind when you are looking for language partners.

find chinese learning partners

1. You don’t have to spend lot of money
Again thanks for the Internet! Today you can find lots of language platforms for FREE. For example, QQ, WECHAT are basically free for everybody to use (as long as you don’t use their fancy features). But please note, if they know you are a foreigner, they might want to practice English with you. Be careful to manage the expectation for both parties instead of facing a “language battle”.

2. Try to talk to different people
If you only talk to one or two people, you can only get limited approaches to the language. If you can talk to different Chinese speakers, then you have a chance to get exposed to different ways of saying things. This is the same when you want to find a Chinese tutor, don’t stick with just one person, and try to communicate with different people to practice.

3. Getting feedback
This is probably one of the most crucial tips to learn how to speak Chinese. No matter you are talking to your language partner or tutor. Try to get feedback as often as you can. Then you might be wondering what kind of questions you can ask. Try to ask if what you are saying sounds awkward, or if anything else I should know more about the topic. This will help you to improve your Chinese fast!

4. Recommended resources
Recently we got noticed for an amazing app-HelloTalk. The app is recommended by many famous language bloggers. We are NOT working for this company. Also, this app is Free(for basic features). They have 1.3 million active users and you cannot only practice Chinese but also other languages as well. Definitely need to check it out. For more Chinese learning resources, you can also our research: how to learn Chinese.

5. Have fun!
One of the best parts to find a language partner is you can learn Chinese while you have fun. You can also make some friends and then maybe you start a wechat group for Chinese learners. You can organize events then you can communicate with your friends not only online, but also in real life.

Clearly, there are many different tips to find a great Chinese-speaking partner. I hope the tips above are helpful for you to get started. Don’t hesitate to visit our site htttp:// for more great Chinese learning tips.

Happy learning!

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