Top 8 Places to Visit in China When You’re in Love

China is a country full of destinations for dating. So, it is hard to pick out China’s top 10 places you should visit with your partner. However, we have found the best spots with the most romantic atmosphere.

According to the statistics, using dating sites is among the most popular ways to meet your partner for casual dating or even marriage in China. Furthermore, users eager to get to the next level of their relationship offer their significant others to meet offline one day. However, where to go to surprise your beloved partner? Continue reading this article to find out about romantic places for couples to visit In China.

1. Yulong River

Would you like to show the natural Chinese beauty to your partner? Then think of visiting Yulong river. Its landscape will amuse you because it is surrounded by bamboo forests, rolling hills, and lots of wild ducks swimming in the river. Offer your significant other to drift on a traditional raft to surprise even more.

2. Mt. Huangshan

This place is also known as one of China’s top 10 tourist attractions. It is popular among couples for its strangely-shaped rocks, pine trees, and dozens of fluffy clouds. We recommend spending at least two or three days there to enjoy Mt. Huangshan.

3. Beijing Hutongs

Hutongs are alleyways filled with lots of houses in which Chinese families have been living since ancient times. Such an excursion is a great way to explore how people used to live several centuries ago. While being there, we recommend you to take a rickshaw. Furthermore, you can visit one of the local restaurants to try traditional dumplings.

4. The Bund in Shanghai

Are you looking for something more modern? Then this spot is an excellent choice for you. Show your partner how skyscrapers located in one of the most crowded cities look. To enjoy it even more, stay there till the evening. So, you will see how all houses start lighting up.

5. Dali Ancient Town

Are you a history fan? Then offer your significant other to visit this ancient town. Its spectacular surroundings will never leave your partner indifferent because this spot is located near Cangshan Mountain covered with snow. Furthermore, there is also an Erhai lake nearby. It is possible to take a boat trip there or visit some villages located close to the town.

6. Water Towns of Suzhou

One more spot we recommend visiting if you want to escape from a crowded city is these water towns, such as Tongli or Zhouzhuang. Streets of these small towns go along rivers. That is why a boat trip will also become a perfect decision for your romantic event.

7. Tiger Leaping Gorge

This place is your best solution if your partner is fond of adventures because this gorge is one of the deepest on the planet. There are two paths, such as a high and low trail. The high one is amazing if you love hiking, and October is the best time to visit this spot. Do not forget to wear your comfy sneaker shoes to feel safe!

8. Where Else to Go

These were the most well-known of China’s top 10 places you should visit. However, there are more spots where you can go with your partner. If you are looking for something less popular but still romantic, we recommend visiting:

  •     Hainan island;
  •     Mount Wuyi;
  •     Guangdong fortress towers in Kaiping.

Have you ever been to any of these places with your beloved partner? If yes, tell us about your experience in the comments!

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