Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Dating Girls in China

Being in a relationship with Chinese women is entirely different from another kind of love affair. When dating Asian women particularly Chinese women, the relationship is taken seriously from the start. In dating a Chinese lady, expectations are high, and the right impression needs to be made. When dating a Chinese woman, fundamental values like honesty and respect are of utmost importance.

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1. Attentiveness and Boldness

It is in the Chinese culture that a man should ask the woman he is interested in on a date. When she accepts to go on a date, she expects that the man treats her with respect and utmost politeness. He is supposed to foot the bill of the date. He is supposed to pay for whatever is incurred in the period of the outing. Chinese women are attracted to men of few words but with good listening ears. A man on a date with a Chinese woman should inquire only a few necessary details from her and pay close attention to what ever she said. Chinese girls don’t like men that talk too much. They are not attracted to men who brag about every little thing they have.

2. Learn About Her Language

It’s not necessary, but it’s great to know her language. Just learning to say “ni hao” is not enough. If you want to develop a long term relationship, or considering living in China in the future, learn Mandarin Chinese step by step. It’s even more impressive to learn some of her hometown dialect. When you go back her hometown to talk with her friends and family. It’s more likely to leave them a good first impression.

3. Be Clear about What You Want from The Relationship

It is important that you state in clear terms what you want from the relationship from the very start. Generally, Asian women particularly Chinese women may involve in dating for marriage or just for companionship. Chinese women are not into a casual relationship. It is important to discuss what your plans are for the future of the relationship. For you to get the best in a relationship with a Chinese woman, express your plans for the relationship early enough and you may be getting a desirable response from her.

4. Expressing Feelings

When dating Asian women mainly Chinese, it is important that you understand body language as a Chinese woman is not prone to express her feeling in words but in actions. You know a Chinese woman has feelings for you when is interested in everything about you. She shows her love by looking after you, preparing good food for you to eat, taking good care of you when you are sick or helping you choose a cute outfit to wear. She may not express her feelings in a word unless trust has been developed.

5. Know Her Family

The way to a woman’s heart is often through her family. After you have gotten her attention, the next thing is to know her family. Just meeting her family is not enough, you need to make a right and lasting impression. When meeting her family ensure that you go bearing gifts. In the Chinese culture, gifts are very significant, and the wrong gift may send a wrong signal. To make sure that you get the right gift, you may inquire of the woman what interest her family. Make sure your gifts are unique and attractive enough. When you visit her family, be polite and show respect. When her family accepts you, the coast is clear.

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