Top 10 Sites to Listen to Free Chinese Music Online

What are the most popular websites to listen to Chinese music in China? Many Chinese song lovers hope to find some sites to listen to Chinese music for free. Below are the 10 most popular Chinese online music services. Each site is pretty cool, with a large number of music and easy-to-use functions.

Please note that most song websites are only available with China IP. If you stay outside of Mainland China, when you play the song, you may get the notice “Sorry, this song is not available in Mainland China according to copyright limitations”  or  “非常抱歉,该功能受法律保护仅对中国大陆地区的用户开放。” in Chinese.  The solution to this problem is use VPN service to get around it. I recommend you use LightYear VPN, it can unblock all Chinese song, movies and TV series sites, you can visit and enjoy any thing you want just like you are in China. It is available on both computer and mobile devices and has fast and liable connection. The monthly fee is just $3.18/month for 2 years package. And it promises a 7 day money back guarantee, there is no reason not to give it a try if you want to have a pleasant experience. Click Here to register.

1. 一听音乐网 is one of China’s largest online music sites. It provides updated original music, songs and brilliant radio programs. It owns channels such as singers, albums, rankings. It also has search function which allows song loves to find songs in its large database. There are no geographical restrictions and people from any corner of the world can listen to its songs.

2. 音悦台

yiyuetaiYinyuetai was founded in 2009. With high-definition music video, this music portal focuses on providing the best visual feast for music lovers. The site has won the trust and praise of many users and boasts more than 20 million registered users.

3. 酷狗音乐

kugouKugou is one of the most popular music sites among young Chinese music lovers. Its channels include radio, MV and live music. You can access to its music on computer, android mobile phone, iPhone and iPad. Its app is one of the most popular music apps in China, easy to use and owns a large number of songs.

4. 虾米音乐网 is a free social music share site like Spotify. All you have to do is type in the song name you like, its huge music pool offers almost all Chinese songs you love. The site also recommend similar style songs to you based on your preferences.

5. 酷我音乐 

kuwoKuwo offers most Chinese songs and some English songs in its database. Users can listen to the latest and the most popular songs in today China. The site owns both computer and mobile phone clients, which allow users to listen to songs easily. It also owns an active singing show platform, where many beautiful girls sing songs in virtual spaces.

6. 九酷音乐网 

9ku9ku music is a professional online music site. The site offers the latest Chinese pop songs, song rankings, internet songs, classic oldies, funny songs, children’s songs and also English songs. It also provides MP3 songs download service for free.

7. Baidu MP3 百度MP3 

baidu mp3Baidu MP3 is different from the above sites. It is a music search engine and provides only links to songs hosted elsewhere. The tricky part is that users can play the songs in the search results with Baidu’s player, without leaving Baidu. As Baidu is the largest search engine in China, its song chart is the most authoritative ranking for you to learn about the hottest songs in present China.

8. 5nd 音乐

5nd music

5nd is an original and digital Chinese music base. It channels include song rankings, singers, albums and radio. You also can find various charts on its home page such as new song chart, pop song chart and Engilsh song chart.

9. 搜狗音乐

sogou musicSogou music is music channel of, one of China’s biggest internet portals. It provides services like online music, music downloads and many other functions. There you not only get free Chinese music but also western music.

10. 365音乐网

yue365Founded in 2007, 365 Music is a leading music website in China. 365 Music offers various popular songs and classic oldies. When you click a song, it will recommend the singer’s other songs to you.

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