Top 10 Chinese Portal Websites

Here are the 10 most popular Chinese portal sites based on Alexa Global Traffic Rank. Hope the list can be of some help to you if you study Chinese or want to learn about China with Chinese language.

1. 腾讯网

qq.comAlexa rank: 7 is China’s most visited Chinese portal launched by Tencent. It offers a variety of services including news, interactive communities, entertainment products and other basic services.

2. 新浪网 rank: 15
Sina provides comprehensive Chinese information to the Chinese users for 24 hours, Its services cover domestic and international news including fields of sports , entertainment, fashion, finance, technology, real estate, etc., its most famous products are sina blog, microblog and sina video.

3. 搜狐

sohu.comAlexa rank: 29
Sohu was founded by Zhang Chaoyang in 1995. It is a mass portal and media website that offers news, entertainment, sports, business and finance, and automobiles and contents for various channels

4. 网易

163.comAlexa rank: 38
163 is a popular web portal among Chinese youths. It provides netizens with free e-mail, games, search engine services and content channels of news, entertainment, sports, and interaction blog and videos.

5. 光明网

ifeng.comAlexa rank: 59
GMW is official website of Guangming Daily, one of the main China newspapers. It features key central news focusing on ideology and theory.

6. 凤凰网

ifeng.comAlexa rank: 63 is official portal website of Phoenix Television, a Hong Kong-based Mandarin and Cantonese Television. It features a mix of services ranging from political and economic news and current affairs through talk shows, film and music reviews.

7. 新华网

xinhuanet.comAexa rank: 68
Xinhuanet is sponsored by the Xinhua News Agency, an important information organ of the China central government. It releases news 24 hours daily in eight languages, namely, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Tibetan.

8. 人民网 rank 84 was launched in 1997, it is official website of People’s Daily, one of the world’s top ten newspapers. It releases news 24 hours a day covering various fields including text, pictures, video, microblogging and other means.

9. 中华网

china.comAlexa rank: 97, founded in 1999, is a portal network that provides rich content through various verticals, such as military and automobile.

10. 中国网 rank: 220, the authorized government portal site, provides up-to-date news including a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

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