Top 10 Most Amazing Streets in Beijing

China’s vibrant capital Beijing offers a wide range of interesting places, including characteristic streets which are popular among locals, expats and tourists. Here, we have listed for you the 10 most amazing streets in the capital city:

1. Liulichang Cultural Street 琉璃厂古文化街

liulichang antique streetLiulichang Street is a traditional old quarters full of traditional shops selling diverse Chinese handicrafts, artistry, antiques, ancient books, calligraphy, paintings, rubbings and other items. The street is 750 meters long and is stillretaining its glamour just as it was in the old days

2. Shichahai Bar Street 什刹海酒吧街

shichahaiShichahai (or Houhai) Bar Street is a place full of small bars and pubs where traditional Chinese and western culture hits. Most cafes and restaurants are individually owned and have their own unique style and services. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a funky nightlife.

3. Nanluoguxiang Street 南锣鼓巷

NanluoguxiangNanluoguxiang Street is about 770 meters long and not far from QianHai. There are a lot of interesting restaurants, bars, coffee shops, boutiques and shops selling handicrafts, curios and other unusual items. Some of the places here make good use of their courtyards to create a special atmosphere.

4. Maliandao Tea Street 马连道茶叶街

Maliandao Tea StreetMaliandao Tea Street is most famous tea street. The 1,500 meters long street boasts over a 1,000 tea shops, retailers and restaurants. The tea prices ranges from cheap to over ten thousand. Besides buying Chinese tea, it is also a great place to pick up classic tea set.

5. Wangfujing Street 王府井步行街

Wangfujing StreetWangfujing Street starts from the East Changan Street and ends at China Art Museum with a length of 1.5 km. It is one of the busiest shopping streets in Beijing. There are over 200 shops on the 810 meter-Walking Street from Nankou to the Goldfish Kou. You can also visit Wangfujing Catholic Church and make fun by bungee jumps.

6. Wangfujing Snack Street 王府井小吃一条街

Wangfujing Snack StreetWangfujing Snack Street is located south of Haoyou Department Store. You can discover not only the local Beijing flavors, but those of other regions as well.  The street cab be easily overlooked as an ornate archway will greet you. In the streets you can buy fried silkworms, grasshoppers or even roasted bats … if you so desire.

7. Dashilan Street  大栅栏

Dashilan StreetLocated in the Qianmen area and south of Tiananmen Square, Dashilan is one of Beijing’s oldest commercial streets. Dashilan area served as the main hub of commerce over 600 years ago. The street is lined up many century-old shops and restaurants. It is also a good place to purchase some traditional handcrafts.

8. Gulou East Street 鼓楼东大街

Gulou East StreetGulou East Street starts from Andingmennei Street and ends at Dianmennei Street. Along this old street there are lots of video games and animation shop. You can also find many musical instruments shops here.

9. Beijing Antique Market 潘家园旧货市场

Beijing Antique MarketBeijing Antique Market is a giant flea market where every imaginable curio, artifact and fake ancient knock-off is on sale. Many of the shops are open through the week, but flea market is best early on Saturday or Sunday.

10. Sanlitun Bar Street  三里屯酒吧街

Sanlitun Bar StreetThe famous Sanlitun Bar Street, 260 meters in length, lies in Sanlitun Village. Sanlitun is the hub of expat life in Beijing. Apart from rows of bars by the road sides, looking for some hidden interesting place in Hutong around here.

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