The 10 Most Popular Western Restaurants in Beijing

Beijing has various cuisines from different countries and regions in the world. Italian, French, American and many other western style restaurants can be found in the city. Here is a list of the 10 most popular Western style restaurants in Beijing, you may try one or two when you travel to Beijing.

NO.1 The Elephant Restaurant 大笨象西餐厅

The Elephant RestaurantThe restaurant offers good Russian foods with a dancing show in a red-walled, smoky room in the evening. Its Russian pop music and videos are really worth a try. The restaurant features delicious Russian snacks such as stuffed mushrooms.

Address: 93 Yabao Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 8561 4073

NO.2 Maxim’s de Paris 马来西姆餐厅

Maxim’s de Paris BeijingThe restaurant was founded in 1983, with more than 30 years history since then. It was one of the first group of foreign restaurants in Beijing. The restaurant offers classic French dishes such as escargot and beef ribs in a red-wine marinade, prawn salad and chilled raspberry mousse, it is also known for its classic style and excellent service.

Address: 2 Chongwenmen Xidajie
Phone: +86 10 6512 1992

NO.3 Justine’s 杰斯汀法国餐厅

Justines beijingAs Beijing’s oldest French restaurant, Justine’s was once a hot place for expat life in Beijing. The lavish inside has silver chandeliers, Louis XVI chairs and a large mirror. Justine’s provides yummy traditional French dishes and wine. Justine’s also features its tasty desserts.

Address: 1/F, Jianguo Hotel, 5 Jianguomen Waidajie
Phone: +86 6500 2233 ext. 8039

NO.4 The French Bistro 长城饭店法餐厅

The French BistroThe French Bistro is on the first floor of Sheraton Great Wall Hotel, the restaurant has been liked by diners for a quarter of a century. It offers a reasonably-priced menu of French classics, served by professional and knowledgeable staff. Its lamb shank is one of the most popular dishes.

Address: 10 North Dong San Huan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 6590 5566 ext. 2117

NO.5 Brasserie Flo 福楼法餐厅

Brasserie Flo BeijingBrasserie Flo was opened in 1999 and has always been attracting loyal diners ever since. The inside is magnificent and exquisite for a fine-dining place yet manages to stay away from feeling stuffy. Customers will enjoy its sun-soaked terrace, quick service and classic foods such as onion soup, steak au poivre, oysters imported from France.

Address: 18 Xiaoyun Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Phone: +86 6595 5135

NO.6 Beijing Friday’s Restaurant 星期五餐厅

Friday's restaurantFriday’s is a genuinely American brand name restaurant, providing yummy American foods and great service. The food selection includes fajitas, nachos, potato skins, chicken fingers and a few token Asian dishes. Additionally, the eating space is full of US style, the light is warm and yellow, the table and the sofa are brown,dinners will feel very comfortable in the restaurant.

Address: Building C, International building NO.19 Jianguomenwai Street,Chaoyang district, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 8526 3388

NO.7 Moscow Restaurant 莫斯科餐厅

Moscow Restaurant BeijingThis is a typical Russian restaurant opened in 1954. It is no wonder that it is considered as the most famous Russian restaurants in Beijing. Its classic dishes include Russian Soup, Moscow Baked Fish in Cream Sauce and Ox Braised in Casserole.

Address: No.135, Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xicheng District, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 6831 6758

NO. 8 Capital M M餐厅

Capital MCapital M is a famous Australian restaurant by Michelle Garnaut. It features bold dishes such as M’s juicy suckling pig, the house-smoked Norwegian salmon and her signature slab of pavlova. Facing the Great Hall of the People, ancient city wall towers and statues of Tiananmen Square can make any customer feel like a somebody.

Address: Capital M, 3/F, 2 Qianmen Buxing Jie
Phone: +86 10 6702 2727

NO. 9 Wang’s Steak 王品台塑牛排

IF“Wang’s Steak” is a high-end beef steak restaurant.It is said that one cow can produce only six premium steaks served for 6 guests.Its steak is very tender and juicy.Besides steaks, its other dishes also taste great. The environment here is great with a stylish design and a waiter who never stop smiling.

Address: 1/F, MiyangMansion, Yongan Dongli, Jianguomenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Phone: +86 10 6568 0180

NO. 10  Courtyard 四合轩西餐厅

courtyard restaurant beijingThe restaurant is best known for its location, just next to the Forbidden City’s moat. It has a fantastic romantic environment with an Atelier and a Cigar Bar. The food shows some interesting combinations such as steak with anchovy jam, apricot-stuffed saddle of lamb.

Address: 95 Donghuamen Street, Beijing
Phone: +86 10 6526 8883

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