Top 10 Best Andy Lau Songs

Andy Lau is not only one of the most popular movie stars in Hong Kong, but also a leading Canton pop singer. Since the early 1990s, Lau was regarded by the Chinese media as one of the “Four Heavenly Kings” of Canton pop along with Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai. He has a successful singing career which spans several decades and includes numerous hits in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Here collected are the 10 best and most popular songs by Andy Lau.

1. The Fate of Next Life 来生缘

“The Fate of Next Life” is a pop song all over the world. It is regarded as one of Andy’s hits which marks the beginning of his career.

2. It’s Not a Crime For a Man to Cry 男人哭吧不是罪

The song is composed by the Liu Tianjian, written and sung by Andy Lau. It belongs to his album “Men’s Love” and is last song of the 2000 TV drama “Qi Ren Qi An”.

3. I and the Dream I’m Pursuing 我和我追逐的梦

Andy Lau and his dreams stop and go in the bustling cities. Let us feel Andy’s efforts to success.

4. Ice Rain 冰雨

“Ice Rain” is created by Andy for his past love. It was reported that Andy Lau and his first love Yu Kexin broke up, so Andy wrote this song to mourn for his beloved.

5. Thank You for Your Love 谢谢你的爱

This is a representative work of Andy’s “Bitter Love” songs.

6. Forget Love Potion 忘情水

“Forget Love Potion” is the main song of his 1994 Mandarin album of the same title, which is one of Andy’s representative records with record sales volume of 3 million copies.

7. Love You Forever 爱你一万年

This song is one of representative songs by Andy Lau. It is included in his 1999 album “Live In Concert 99”.

8. Good To Go Home 回家真好

This song tells that a man suffers from busy and fatiguing work, and when he comes home he can relax himself and discharge his feelings there.

9. You Are My Lady 你是我的女人

“You Are My Lady” belongs to his 1998 Cantonese album of the same title. This song is a cooperation work with American saxophonist Kenny G.

10. Heaven’s Will 天意

“Heaven’s Will”  is one of Andy’s representative songs and is the main song of his same title album released in 1994.

Among all the songs by Andy Lau, which one is your favorite song? Let us know by leaving comments below!

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