4 Types Of Guys Chinese Girls Like Most

Many western guys that travel to China would like to try dating Chinese girls. Not all of them succeed simply because most have misconceptions about Chinese girls and do not know how to get Chinese girls to like them.

If you are one of those unfortunate fellas, fear not, for I got you. My name is Victor, I have been living in China for three years now and have tried to pick up hundreds of Chinese girls. In this article, I will teach you how to be a type of guy that Chinese girls like and will bust three most common myths about Chinese girls.

So what type of guys do Chinese girls actually like?

1. Authentic and genuine

Being authentic and genuine means that you should not change your behavior to make a girl to like you. If your jokes and behavior are not authentic to your personality and you act in a certain way just to attract girls, they will sense it. So, be true to yourself.

2. Those who can vibe and have fun

Find something that interests you first and then “invite a girl into your party”. The best way to make someone laugh is to laugh yourself.

3. Not needy

Do not be needy! Be the buyer, not the seller. A girl can sense when you want to date her more than she wants to date you. Therefore, the best way not to be needy for a girl is to communicate with lots of them so you do not feel needy to see just one girl.

4. Confident

Easier said than done. However, the best way to feel confident in every situation is to practice. Practice going out a lot and talking to Chinese girls. After a while, you will become more and more confident talking to them. You will probably start with one awkward date but slowly and surely, you will get better and better and someday find a girl of your dreams.

There also several common myths about Chinese girls that you should not believe if you want to try dating them.

The first myth is that in order to be liked by a Chinese girl you should speak Chinese well. In my personal experience, it is not crucial whether you speak Chinese or not. When I came to China for the first time, I could hardly introduce myself in Chinese, let alone have elaborate conversations with girls. All I knew is how to buy things in a store and ask some basic questions. This is how I started. Nonetheless, after one month in China I began actively dating Chinese girls. I discovered that many of them were actually attracted to me because of my poor Chinese skills. They found it interesting to teach me their language, and this is how many of my early relationships with Chinese girls started.

The second myth is that Chinese girls prioritize money over other things. What I found was that it is not true. The only basic requirement for most of them is that the guy be a normal human being, nice and clean. Money can be a nice bonus but it is rarely a deciding factor.

The third myth is that Chinese girls are easy to hook up with for foreigners. It is definitely true that many of them are more attracted to foreigners, especially to white people, but it does not mean that they are easy. In my experience, it can be easy to grab their attention and even get their number, so at the beginning it may also seem easy to get a date or something more out of it, but in reality, it is much harder. Many of them actually find excuses not to meet you. I personally experienced quite a few situations where girls approached me, asked themselves for my number, said compliments to me and then refused to meet me when I asked for a date.

There you go guys. Let me know if my advice helped you in any way. If you have more questions on relationships with Chinese girls, feel free to ask them on the comments.

About Author

Victor. is a Russian guy who lives in China. he travels Asia and ask hot Asian girls questions about relationships. you can subscribe to him YouTube channel Victor Talking To Hot Asian Girls where he shares his experience with those who would like to date Chinese and Korean girls.

7 Responses

  1. Nicka Wat says:

    So chinese girls feel attractive to white men? Really? I think what you meant was that Chinese girls like to f… with white guys because they know that you guys don’t have a clue about anything so for these chinese girls, they feel more laxed and comfortable which is always a plus for them. Plus if you dont speak or understand the language, you’ll never truly get to know that person.

    • CE says:

      Nicka…. haha… so what if they do…. what’s the problem…sounds like you’re seething underneath. Let’s talk about your disappointments and failures in romance…otherwise…stfu.

  2. emerald says:

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  3. james numer 2 says:

    I agree. Sorry Vic, but this is literally the least accurate dating advice I have ever seen. It is not really funny either, so comedy was likely not your goal. Just kind of made me sad that you likely believe it to be true. I’m sad for you now.

  4. james says:

    “I discovered that many of them were actually attracted to me because of my poor Chinese skills.”
    “Money can be a nice bonus but it is rarely a deciding factor.”

    LOL this guy is delusional. Been living here off and on for 15 years, this guy is the type of person who is delusional and cant see past his “foreignness” or white skin. LOL.
    First of all, you wont even be able to communicate with anyone without knowing a bit of the language. People get so frustrated to try to talk to you that people just give up and would not be bothered. Ever go on a date with a translation app? lol And the money part, lol, if you know how the chinese society works, you wouldnt be saying that.

    • Jim Jong says:

      You are absolutely right. Chinese only care about money and never the actual relationship. I would know I was married to Chinese person. The whole thing is about money and getting something out of the foreigner. If they cannot, they do not want you.

      • CE says:

        I don’t want to believe this aspect about some people in modern Chinese society… but having been exposed to some of the dramas, teaching to Singaporean Chinese, and being insulted by a Chinese tourist ( regarding her friend’s rudeness -was standing in the middle of a local residential street taking photos blocking drivers during rush hour, driver’s could not get through – when drivers pressed on, he reluctantly moved and flipped the drivers off ) After confronting him about being a guest in this country and being more courteous, his girl friend snapped… ” I know you don’t have money, you are too poor to visit China ” …..wow… knowing nothing about me…. what an eye opener into a very sad and uneducated mindset. To think that money should = automatic respect and superiority. So sad that some sectors of humanity have regressed a thousand years- to be fair, our current president in my opinion, also seems to have this type of mindset.

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