Top 15 most popular Chinese video websites

What are the most popular online video & movie websites in China?  Here are the top 15 most popular Chinese video websites in Chinese language based on a combination of Alexa Rank, content richness, users’ reviews and freshness.  

#1.  优酷网
Youku is called the China First Video, there are hundreds of movies, TVs, and other Videos for you to watch online, and all the videos on Youku is free. its video content,  speed, clean design and the least amount of embedded ads, It’s one of the best video websites here in China.

#2. 土豆网
One of the most popular websites to watch, share and host videos.

#3. 中国网络电视台
CNTV, owned by China Central Television (CCTV), was launched as a national Internet TV station. It serves as a multi-language, globalized and multi-terminal online video platform. The current channels of CNTV include news, finance, sports, entertainment, movie, TV drama, documentary and podcasts.

#4. 酷6网
This site is very easy to handle and manage, you can watch a Chinese movie in no time.

#5.  迅雷看看
Xunlei Kankan, also known as Kankan, is a video-on-demand service with a web interface as well as a client application which provides higher-quality content.

#6. 搜狐视频
It’s owned by, also great video content, high quality movies, TV shows, one of the most popular video sites in China.

#7. 乐视网, or China’s Hulu, is the first video website that bought the copyright of TV dramas and movies. has already owned the copyright of 50,000 episodes of TV series and more than 4,000 films.

#8. 爱奇艺
It’s run by Baidu, even though Baidu entered this video market later than others, started with only high quality video route, now it’s becoming popular now, again great video content and video quality.

#9. Mtime时光网
Mtime, a China-based movie web portal, has dedicated itself to providing four categories of movie services: China’s largest movie/TV database, China’s top movie review and critics service, the only cinema and play time search in China, as well as the largest movie marketing and promotion services.

#10. 豆瓣电影
Douban Movie provides the latest movie news, and ticket booking service. There are a lot of comments of movie fans and it will recommend latest movies according to your favor.

#11.  新浪视频
It’s owned by, a lot of video content. It has more sports video than other video sites.  And you probably heard of Sina Weibo (Chinese version Twitter), it’s became one of big thing in China now.

#12. 56网
This site is really entertaining. You would really feel like a real Chinese after visiting this site and watching all the movies that your heart can handle.

#13 PPTV
PPTV is a leading online TV service offering both live streaming and video-on-demand of TV programs/shows, movies, drama, sports, news and entertainment video contents.

#14. 电影网 was founded by China Movie Channel in Dec, 31 2004. it has become the most well-known Chinese online movie site.

#15.  腾讯视频
I think if you know a little bit China, you should at least heard of QQ which is  the No.1 and most popular instant messenger in China and has hundreds of million active users.  With that being said, QQ video sites quickly and easily became the most visited video site because of it’s enormous active users.

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