Top 10 Most Shocking Chinese Knockoffs

Chinese mainland’s “Shanzhai” culture is well known around the world. “Shanzhai” is a term for those almost identical knockoffs. From food to electronic products or even culture, Shanzhai exists everywhere in China. Here is a list of the top 10 Chinese copycat products:

1. Apple products copycats

Apple products copycatsWe have seen every Apple products cloned over the past few years. iPods to iPhones, iMac’s to MacBook…… even cottage Apple store can be found in China.

2. Goojje = Google+Baidu

Goojje engineGoojje is a spoof website of Google China. The site was created when Google was threatened to shut down the Chinese site. The site`s logo integrates Google-style font with Baidu’s handprint logo.

3. Sports brand knock offs

Addidias copycatsSports brands knock offs like Nike, Adidas, Puma ……, it is easy get a complete wardrobe with about one hundred Yuan in a wholesale market. And it is hard to tell whether they are true or false big brands.

4. Copycat fast food chains

kfc copycats chinaThere was a Shanzhai Street in Nanjing, lining lots of stores with signs advertising knockoff Western chains, such as “Pizza Huh,” “OFC” and “Bucksstar Coffee.” After Shanzhai Street went viral on the Web, authorities shut the venture down.

5. China’s White Houses

white house copycatReplicas of the White House can be found in many places in China. The most identical one is the one in Hangzhou built by real estate tycoon Huang Qiaoling. The building even has its own Oval Office and portrait gallery of American Presidents.

6. Copycat artworks

artworks copycat chinaDafen is a small village in Guangdong Province, now it has become the center of the world’s reproduction-art market, with factories of artists churning out tens of thousands of fake Picassos, Rembrandts, Van Goghs and Da Vincis each year.

7. Copycat cars

aoto copycats chinaThe Chinese auto industry is famous for its knockoffs. Fake Ferraris, fake Bentleys, fake Mazdas and Minis – you name it, with a tiny price tag compared to the real thing.

8. Fake companies

apple store copycat chinaChinese counterfeiters also decide to set up a series of knockoff store chains: fake Apple stores, fake Ikea stores and even Japanese electronics giant NEC, they do not mess around trying to be subtle.

9. Fake cigarettes

Fake cigarettesIf you smoke, there’s a decent chance that you’ve smoked a fake Chinese cigarette at some point. Currently, there are about 400 billion fake cigarettes being produced in China.

10. Copycat TV shows

tv show copycatsA different kind of counterfeit TV shows can also be found in China. American TV series such as “Friends,” “MADtv” and “How I Met Your Mother” see their copycats spring up in many channels in China.

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