5 Romantic Places of China Your Girlfriend Will Never Forget

Traveling is a perfect opportunity to impress your girlfriend and even to make her fall in love with you again. We have made up the list of sights in China that are supposed to make your romantic trip unforgettable.

1. Guangxi

Guangxi province

The ancient city of Yulin is a unique and romantic place where you can enjoy the illuminated pagodas. Your date will be definitely impressed by the Reed Flute Cave, which is overflown with the most unimaginable colors. The subdued intimate lightning, the silence only broken by your private talks and the drops of water is exactly what you need for her to head over heels with love.

However, if your soul mate is a vegetarian or an animal protectionist, better avoid this place in June. Bringing a girl to the annual Dog meat festival with 10,000 dogs being killed may make all the love in the air disappear.

2. Lijiang


Here you can find the symbol of the lovers – Yulong Mountain, whose summit is constantly shrouded in clouds. However, that’s not the main reason this district is crowded by tourists. According to the legend, the lovers, who’ll see how the sun’s rays illuminate the mountain, destined to love each other until the end of time. Nevertheless, if you fail to see the magic sun glare, make sure your love is not upset. You still can enjoy the views of divinely beautiful Tiger Leaping Gorge or take a boat ride on the calm waters of the picturesque Lugu Lake.

3. Mount Emei

mount Emei

It is the second main symbol of the lovers in China. However, you will meet here not only the fallen-in-love couples but also a flood of the Buddhist pilgrims, who desire to bow to the largest statue of Buddha in China. Your aim here is to prove your love. Despite the fact, that many bridges in China are covered with locks with the names of couples written on them, a loving union stronghold is guaranteed only here. The sign of love left in such a special place will not only improve your relationships but prolong it as well.

4. Hangzhou


The East city of Hangzhou has become famous among the lovers because of the indescribable views of the West Lake. On the banks of this lake, you can spend the romantic trip or honeymoon sipping the cocktails, having face-to-face conversations, enjoying the view. Desert piers with conventional arbors, gardens decorated with trim bridges along the shore create a rare, very romantic and meditative atmosphere. A perfect way to seclude yourselves and date Asian girls.

5. Tibet


The people, who love each other, may feel the fullness of Tibetan atmosphere in Lhasa. The must-see attractions like Mt. Everest, The Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple will take your breath away. To make the trip much more romantic you must stay with your date in an eco-hotel St. Regis Lhasa Resort that is comfortably situated on the cliff of a small mountain. It offers beautiful views and masses of recreational and relaxation services–everything you need to get your soul mate to the heaven of heavens.

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  1. Harry says:

    My Favorite Places is “Hangzhou”, cos my friends ever told to me, The views of the West Lake is Romantic and awesome…

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