Top 5 Tips to Impress Chinese Women

Remember when you first start to date women in China or other Asian countries; you may think it’s not difficult. You just show your charm and you believe it always work just fine for women in Asia like in your own country.

Well, maybe you think you just need to spend some money on the expensive present and it’s going to be OK. This trick might work, but you are more than likely end up with women who just want nothing but your money. She might just ask you to buy her expensive branded bags or the latest Iphone. As soon as you realize it and stop spending the money, she probably just run away from you. We believe there are some other smart ways to help you to impress and understand your woman and get started a good relationship with her in the future.

impress Asian women

1. Use Wechat to connect with your Chinese woman

I understand you might not know what “Wechat” is. Wechat is the biggest online chatting platform in China right now. I can tell over 80% percent of the girls you meet in China right now have a Wechat account and very active in this platform. It’s super easy to register a Wechat account today and they provide English version as well. So as a foreigner in China, if you tell your Chinese friend you have a wechat account, they are probably amazed and will like to connect with you. And you can keep in touch in the Wechat in the future.

2. Encourage your woman to talk

You have probably noticed lots of guys really like to talk about themselves (Chinese men or western men). For example, they like to talk about their jobs, their house, their car etc. However, if you can get your Chinese girl talk a little bit more herself, you defiantly can leave a very good impression on her. You can always sit back and ask some random questions about her, don’t you?

3. How to deal with Sa Jiao from your Chinese woman

If you have been dating Chinese woman before, you know occasionally Chinese women like to throw some temper. Well, a little bit is OK, but if your woman takes it to extremes, you do not necessarily need to accept it. You probably will lose some relationships, but sometimes Chinese women will respect you for it. I am not saying you need to get angry or yell back. But sometimes just need to act likes an adult, right?

 4. Be a gentleman to your woman

Many things that are almost the second nature for foreigners are still not very common in China. For example, letting the girl enter the door first, or offering to help carrying the bag etc. Do not overlook these small things. After doing these repeatedly, your Chinese woman will really appreciate these small gestures.

 5. Why not let her to teach your Chinese?

As a foreigner, you might be asked by Chinese people to teacher them English very often right. Well, actually, if you want to have more chances to hang out with the woman you love, you can kindly ask her to teach you Chinese. By doing this, you are actually giving her face and provide a good reason that you two can spend more time together. Plus, you can learn a new language skill.

That are just some simple tips that you can apply to find your love in China, we wish you all the best. Good luck! You can also check some helpful tips here:

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