Top 15 Eye-Catching Buildings in China

With economic rise of China, more and more high skyscrapers spring up all over the countries. Each city tries its best to create some of the world’s most bizarre buildings to attract eyeballs and display its economic achievement. There is no reason not to believe that China will surpass Dubai to become the gathering place for coolest buildings on the planet. Below are some amazing buildings, some have been built up and some will be completed in the coming 3-5 years.

1. Asian Games Town Gymnasium, Guangzhou

Asian Games Town Gymnasium


2. Chengdu Greenland Tower, Chengdu

Chengdu Greenland Tower


3. Manhattan Group Center, Ningbo

Manhattan Group Center, Ningbo


4. Raffles City Twin Towers, Hangzhou


Raffles City Twin Towers


5. Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Center, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Daily Group Culture


6. CTF Tianjin Tower, Tianjin

CTF Tianjin Tower


7. Zoomlion Headquarters International Plaza, Changsha

Zoomlion center, changsha


8. Tongzhou Rainbow Gate, Beijing

Tongzhou Rainbow Gate


9. CIXI Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo

CIXI Shangri-La Hotel, Ningbo


10. Atlantis Hotel, Sanya

Atlantis Hotel, Sanya


11. South China International Wharf Service Center, Guangzhou

South China International Wharf Service Center


12. HSBC Bank Headquarters, Beijing

HSBC, Beijing HQ


13. Olympic Park Observation Tower, Beijing

Olympic Park Observation Tower


14. Song of Yangtze River Buildings, Wuhu

song of yangtze river, wuhu


15. China Zun, Beijing

China Zun

China has so many strange buildings to explore, do you know any weird buildings, please let us know by leaving comments below.

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