China accounts for 5 of top 10 future skyscrapers

Burj Khalifa in Dubai German-based building data firm Emporis has listed the top 10 ‘future skyscrapers’ – ones currently under construction that will be among the world’s tallest when completed.

According to Emporis,  but Asia is now the world’s centre for skyscraper construction, 5 of the 10 future skyscrapers are being built in China, the world’s 10 tallest future buildings have an average height of 566 meters

Below is the list of top 10 ‘future skyscrapers’.

No. 10
Busan Lotte Town Tower, Busan, South Korea 1675.02 feet  (About 510 meters)

No. 9
Pentominium in Dubai 1692.91 feet (About 516 meters)

No. 8  In China
Dalian Green Space Center, China 1699.48 feet (about 517 meters)

No. 7  In China
CTF in north China’s Tianjin 1738.85 feet (about 530 meters)

No. 6
One World Trade Center in New York 1776.02 feet (about 541 meters)

No. 5  In China
Goldin Finance 117 in China’s Tianjin 1958.68 feet (about 597 meters)

No. 4
Makkah Clock Royal Tower in Saudi Arabia 1971.78 feet(about 601 meters)

No. 3  In China
Shanghai Tower in China’s Shanghai 2073.87 feet(about 632 meters)

No. 2  In China
Ping’an IFC in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province 2125.98 feet(about 648 meters)

No. 1
India Tower in Mumbai 2362.20 feet(720 meters)

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  1. kumar says:

    They look amazing. China is growing fast.

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