Top 10 of Chinese Real Estate Firms in 2021

China has been facing for latest 10 years an extremely sharp rise in property prices as well as increasingly significant investments in this sector.

Linked with the Chinese construction boom, investors from around the world have been attracted. Finding a high-quality developer is critical when investing in Chinese property.

That is why I propose you a TOP 10 list of the best real estate firms in China in 2021.

Real estate is a really huge market in China, due to the increase of Rich People in China and government stimulation

In 2019, in China the total sales of the real estate industry reached almost 16 trillion yuan (USD 2.4 trillon) and count for 10 percent of the national GDP. Chinese people are the number one real estate investors in the world.

#1 Country Garden Holdings  碧桂园

country garden holdings

This is the company number 1. It is the best and it belongs to be one of the well-known firm of developers in China. You must not have any hesitation to do business with them.

Created in 1992, they build houses not only in China, but also in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and other places near China. They are international workers, and it helps a lot to make stronger their reputation.

They propose you a real diversity between commercials, residentials, industrial, hotels and even other constructions. They got experiences and sold over 2 million residential units across China to prove it.

They are famous thanks to their high-end townships like the Country Garden Phoenix City based in Nanjing which is evaluated as 10/10 on Google.

#2 Evergrande Group 恒大地产

Evergrande Group

It is one of the ten largest real estate developers in mainland China, and one of the five largest real estate developers in Guangdong province.

Created and functional since 1996, they completed nearly 900 commercial, residential and infrastructure projects throughout China, into more than 280 different cities.

This one was originally founded as “Hengda Group”.

The group is best known for its involvement in building the Flower City Stadium in Guangzhou. The stadium broke ground in 2020 set to be the largest football arena in the world. Here the popularity explanation of the Evergrande firm.

 #3 China Vanke Corporation 万科

China Vanke Corporation

As Evergrande Group, Vanke is listed on the Fortune 500.  Fortune 500 is an annual lists compiled by Fortune magazine that ranks 500 of the largest United Stated corporations by its total revenue.

Actually, they currently operate in China, Malaysia, the US and the UK.

Vanke Copr. is a famous Chinese residential real estate developer headquartered in Shenzhen. It was originally founded as Shenzhen Modern Scientific Education Instruments Exhibition & Sales Center and have been created since 1984.

They provide real-estate and urban development services into the residential properties market. Their motto said that they aims to build “quality housing for ordinary people to live in”. 

The Vanke Group also got the Vanke Foundation, which promotes waste-reduction and other green initiatives in their communities. Good assets for a continuing success in the years to come.

 #4 Poly Real Estate 保利地产

Poly Real Estate

With more than 56 000 employees, Poly Real Estate Group Limited is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

Since its founding in 1992, in Guangzhou, the company has designed, developed, and sold dozens of properties throughout mainland China. But they also operate internationally in Australia, the UK, and the US under the name Poly Global.

The company’s philosophy emphasizes comfort, nature, and harmony in their developments.

Properties like Poly Moonlight Bay and the Poly Peninsula 1 exemplify this commitment to modern aesthetics.

The company’s residential portfolio primarily consists of high-rise apartments, villas, and multi-use complexes. Most of its developments contain luxury condos or villas. However, buyers can find a small handful of mid-range and affordable options.

#5 Sunac China Holdings 融创中国

Sunac China Holdings

It is a property developer headquartered based in Tianjin and founded in 2003 by Sun Hongbin. The company provides complete solutions for Chinese families to enjoy a better life by integrating high-end residential in addition to their products and services for culture and tourism facilities such as indoor ski resort.

Sunac’s brand philosophy is “passion for perfection.”

All is said in this sentence and its high-end developments reflect that idea. One Sino Park, for instance, is a stunning architectural complex built into the side of a cliff.

The company focused on luxury is one of the more expensive brands on this list. Its average price per square meter is nearly $2,300 – the highest among the Chinese “Big Five” developers.

And more, as they are looking for quality and luxury, their properties are in major cities, a choice that raise and justify their cost even more.

#6 Greenland Holdings 绿地集团

Greenland Holdings

It is a Chinese real estate developer headquartered in Shanghai. It was founded as a state-owned enterprise in 1992 to develop green belts around Shanghai, but starting from 2013, it began to make major investments in developments outside of China.

They provide multifunctional product series integrated with ultra-high-rise building, urban complex, and industrial real estate.

Of the present 23 ultra-high-rise urban landmark buildings (some still under construction), 4 enters the world top ten in terms of their height.

Closely following the trend of economic globalization, Greenland Group expands its business overseas in a steady way in high gear, covering 4 continents, 9 countries including USA, Canada, UK and Australia, and 13 cities, and becoming the top runner of global operations of China’s real estate industry.

#7 China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd. 中国海外发展有限公司

China Overseas Land and Investment Ltd

Known as China Overseas, the Group base in Hong Kong since 1979 has developed and sold thousands of properties in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The company has won a variety of awards for its projects, sustainability initiatives, and corporate governance. In addition to property development, it has also worked with the Chinese government on various infrastructure projects.

They claimed themselves as “good citizen” that works in harmony with the environment, and it is recognize.

Concerning the company projects, most of them are high and low-rise apartment buildings.

Clients can find affordable prices, but the company most recent developments have targeted wealthier clientele.

#8 China Resources Land 华润创业

China Resources Land

It was originally founded as “Liow & Co.” (聯和公司) in Hong Kong in 1938.

China Resources Land Limited is one of the most diversified companies on this list. It provides a wide range of products and services, including development property, investment property, urban redevelopment, property management, senior housing, leasing apartment, industrial funds, industrial property, construction and operation, culture and sport, education, cinema, or building and decoration.

China Resources Land is the primary developer behind Guangzhou Science City, a massive science and technology park.

Its developments like Half View Mountain Manor exemplify its high-end developments with sleek designs and ample amenities.

Other properties, like Qinghe Oak Bay, offer more affordable units but still without sacrificing quality.

With more than 38 000 employees, China Resources Land Limited is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world, according to Forbes.

#9 Longfor Properties 龙湖地产

longfor properties

This one is registered as one of the fastest-growing developers in China. Since its inception in 1993, in Chongqing, it has completed more than 800 real estate projects. The company was also one of the first to develop shopping malls in the country.

Prices range from just over $1,000 per square meter to upwards of $4,000, depending on property type and location.

Today, the Group operates in more than 60 cities through four core businesses and covers property development, commercial property, rental housing and smart service, as well as innovative areas such as elderly-care and urbanization projects.

With more than 26 000 employees, Longfor Group Holdings Ltd. is considered as one of the “Top 50 Listed Companies in the Asia-Pacific Region” according to Forbes.

#10 Shimao Property 世茂房地产

Shimao Property

It is the youngest in our top 10 list. Founded in 2001 in Hong Kong, it is a diversified property development company specializing in property development, property investment and hotel operations in the People’s Republic of China.

The Company operates in two segments. The Real Estate Development and the Investment sector. Primarily engaged in the investment and development of residential and commercial properties for sale and for rent.

Its properties include Nanjing Straits City, Shanghai Shimao International Plaza, Beijing Shimao Tower, and Beijing Fortune Times, among others.

They are also engaged in the operation of hotels. Among its hotels are Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, and the Crowne Plaza Shaoxing.

Thanks to its 10 000 employees, Shimao Property Holdings Ltd. is considered one of the top 2000 largest public companies in the world by Forbes.

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