Top 10 Most Popular Chinese TV Channels

Chinese people like watching TV. When you have nothing to do or just want to escape a while from the reality, sitting in front of TV and watching your favorite programs is a very pleasant thing. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular TV channels in China. These channels have the most audience, most are broadcast in the Chinese language.

1. CCTV 中央电视台

CCTV CCTV first broadcast in 1958. It is China’s state television broadcaster. Now it has 22 channels broadcasting to China and the world in several main languages such as Chinese, English and Spanish. Its major channels include CCTV1(Integrated Channel), CCTV2(finance channel), CCTV6(movie channel),CCTV5(sports channel), CCTV news channel. CCTV 8 drama channel.


2.  Hunan Satellite Television 湖南卫视

Hunan Satellite TelevisionHunan Satellite Television in China’s most popular provincial TV station. It is China’s second most-watched channel, second only to CCTV. The channel features various TV shows and exclusive TV series. Its Jinying Cartoon Satellite TV channel is also popular among children.


3. Phoenix Satellite Television 凤凰卫视

Phoenix Satellite TelevisionPhoenix Satellite Television is a Hong Kong-based Chinese television broadcaster. The channel serves the mainland China (blocked in Mainland China), Hong Kong and other areas where Chinese live around the world.


4. Shanghai Oriental Television 东方卫视

Shanghai Oriental TelevisionShanghai Oriental Television began broadcasting in 1993. The channel features news, sports, education, arts, movies and plays.


5. Jiangsu Satellite Television 江苏卫视

Jiangsu Satellite TelevisionJiangsu Satellite Television is a provincial channel based in Nanjing city. Jiangsu TV’s most famous program is “If You Are the One“, a weekly variety dating show featuring talented model, unique topic and exquisite packaging.


6. Zhejiang Television 浙江卫视

Zhejiang TVZhejiang Television is a Zhejiang province’s provincial TV channel. The channel became famous for its popular singing contest program “The Voice of China“.


7. Shenzhen Satellite TV 深圳卫视

shenzhen TVShenzhen Satellite TV is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. The channel broadcasts Chinese music, news and Chinese talk shows.


8. The Travel Channel 旅游卫视

The Travel ChannelThe Travel Channel is China’s national tourism satellite TV channel. It covers travel news, fashion, entertainment and many other fields. The Travel Channel is located in the beautiful Haikou, Hainan Province.


9. Anhui TV 安徽卫视

Anhui TV

Anhui Television is a television network in Hefei, Anhui province. It began to broadcast in 1960 and currently broadcasts in Mandarin.

10. Xing Kong TV 星空卫视

xingkong tv

Xing Kong TV is a Mandarin language TV channel which covers drama series, comedies, variety, talk shows and game shows. Xing Kong is currently available in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and some countries in Southeast Asia.

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