Top 10 Largest Libraries in China

Libraries are human’s most successful attempt in democratizing knowledge and tend to be the epicenter of activity in neighborhood in which they are located. Here is a list of the 10 biggest libraries China.

1. The National Library of China 中国国家图书馆

The National Library of ChinaThe National Library of China in Beijing is the largest library in China and Asia and the third largest national library in the world. It was originally founded in 1909 by the Qing government. It has a collection of over 31.1 million volumes of books by 2009 and it holds the largest collections of Chinese literature and historical documents.
Address:  33 Zhongguancun Nandajie, Hai Dian District, Beijing
Tel: (+86 10) 8854 4114

2. Shanghai Library 上海图书馆

Shanghai LiraryFounded in 1952, Shanghai Library is the second largest library in China. The Shanghai Library now has a collection of over 53 million items in Chinese and foreign languages. The library provides free reading and book loan services.
Address: No. 1555 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai
Tel; (+86 21) 6445 5555

3. Nanjing Library 南京图书馆

Nanjing LibraryNanjing Library is the third largest library in China with over 7 million items. Established in 1907, it’s the oldest public library in China and used to serve as the national central library during the Republic of China. The library has 1.6 million ancient books and 10 thousands volumes of books, documents and manuscripts from Tang Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty.
Address: 189 Eastern Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
Tel: (+86 25) 8435 6016

4. The National Science Library 中国科学院国家科学图书馆

The National Science LibraryThe National Science Library is the public library of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the key library nationally for collecting information resources and providing information services in natural sciences, inter-disciplinary fields, and high tech fields, for the researchers and students of CAS and for the researchers around the country. It has a collection about 11.5 million items.
Address: 33 Beisihuan Xilu, Zhongguancun , Beijing
Tel: (+86 10) 8262 3353

5. Peking University Library 北京大学图书馆

Peking University LibraryFounded in 1902, The Peking University Library was one of the earliest modern libraries in the Chinese nation. The library consists of a vast collection of books, numerous treasures, and rare items. The Peking University Library’s 8 million items include 1.5 million items of ancient Chinese materials that attract people from all over the world!
Address: Qiuzhi Rd  Haidian, Beijing, China
Tel: (+86 10) 6275 1051

6. Chongqing Library 重庆图书馆

Chongqing LibraryChongqing Library is a comprehensive public library in China. It is also the main service center of document information exchange. Built in 1947, the Chongqing Library has a collection of over 3.8 million books.
Address: No.106 Fengtian Street, Shaopingba, Chongqing.
Tel:(+86 10 ) 6521 0833

7. Shandong Provincial Library 山东省图书馆

Shandong Provincial LibraryFounded in 1909, Shandong Provincial Library is located at the bank of Daming Lake. The library consists of 4.03 million volumes and is one of the largest libraries in China.
Address:  2912 Erhuan Donglu, Jinan
Contact:  (+86 531) 8559 0778

8. Sichuan Provincial Library 四川省图书馆

Sichuan LibraryEstablished in 1912, Sichuan Provincial Library is one of China’s oldest public library. It has a rich collection of 4.6 million items.
Address: No. 6, Zongfu Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
Tel: (+86 28) 8671 5060

9. Tianjin Library 天津市人民图书馆

Tianjin LibraryTianjin Library is located in the cultural district of the city of Tianjin in China. Established in 1908, it was one of the oldest provincial public libraries in China. It has a collection of 320 items.
Address: 15 Fukang Jie, Nankai District, Tianjin
Tel: (+86 22) 2361 4260

10. Zhongshan Library 广东省中山图书馆

Zhongshan LibraryFounded in 1912, Zhongshan has a history of over 100 years. It is the only provincial public library named after Dr. Sun Yat-Sen. The library now has a collection of 3.8 million volumes.
Address:  213 Wenming Lu, Guangzhou
Contact:  (+86 20) 8382 5702

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  1. Ted says:

    Thank you for your article!

    I’m confused, though.

    Your article says The National Library of China in Beijing is the largest library in China.

    However, Wikipedia says Shanghai Library is the largest library in China.

    Which is correct?



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