Top 10 Chinese Pop Songs of 2016

We’ve collected all the Chinese pop songs of 2016 into one list. Hope to make it easy for you to find all of this year’s Chinese HUGE hits. The ranking list is based on the Billboard on Baidu Music, the biggest and most popular Chinese music platform.

1. Half Pot of Yarn/半壶纱 – Liu Keyi/刘珂矣

If you have been thinking about your rough life, or try to find your own past life or afterlife? You minght brew a pot of green tea and quietly immersed in this song’s Zen atmosphere.

2. Actor/演员 – Xue Zhiqian/薛之谦

The song “Actor” uses plain text to express soulful sentiment. The lyrics is to speak to girls from the perspective of boys: Since do not love anymore, one should say it out magnanimously. This piece is a continuation of Xue Zhiqian’s previous sad love songs.

3. Any beer bottles for sale/酒干倘卖无 – Sun Lu/孙露

This song is the theme song of the 2016 version TV series “Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing?”. The song was orignally sung by Julie Su (苏芮), but now Sun Lu gives it a different flavor.

4. King Asked Me to Mountaineer/大王叫我来巡山 – Jia Nailiang/贾乃亮, Tian Xin/甜馨

The song is the ED single of 2015 Chinese movie “Surprise: Journey To The West”. Its lively rhythm is easily to make people sing along together unconsciously. The song is sung by Chinese star Jia Nailiang and his daughter Tian Xin.

5. Ya Su Gong Shang/雅俗共赏 – Vae Xu/许嵩

The song name means “To appeal to both the more and the less cultured”. The song is written and composed by Xu Song. Electronic piano and guitar together create a blurred atmosphere. The Lyrics is full of sigh of life and self-mockery. I love his songs very much, his another popular song is “Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge” (断桥残雪).

6. Until We Meet/等我遇见你 – Li Jian/李健

The song is the theme song of 2016 Chinese movie “Book of Love“. This is a typical Li Jian style song and is full of classical romanticism. Li Jian has steady and open voice, just simple humming makes it sounds like an amazing love letter.

7. Lonely People Sad Song 寂寞的人伤心的歌 – Long Meizi/龙梅子, Yang Haibiao/杨海彪

This song is a unique sad love song. It uses happy rhythm to express sad mood at the parting. The popular electronic music accompanied by slightly relaxed singing make it a unique sad song.

8. I Won’t Get Older If You Don’t Come 你不来我不老 – Gao An/高安, Ren Yueli/任月丽

This song is a very warm duet to express convey the love between men and women. The female singer is named Ren Yueli, who is better known by her nickname Xidan Girl. She became famous when a video of her performing the song with a guitar in Xidan subway station, Beijing.

9. Manual of Youth 青春修炼手册 – TFBOYS

“Manual of Youth” is a youthful song by Chinese boy group TFBOYS, which is formed by three lovely boys. They are young, cute, handsome and usually dance and sing at the same time. The song is very popular among teens.

10. Find An Excuse Not To Be Sad/找一个不伤心的理由 – Qi Long/祁隆

Find An Excuse Not To Be Sad is a love song sung by Qi Long.

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