Top 10 Chinese Pop Songs of 2015

It’s already the middle of the year 2015, it is the time to do a half year summary. Although Chinese music perhaps does not have great breakthrough, but some songs still stand out, Faye Wong’s hit song “Fleet in Time” comes out on top and her another song “Qingping Tune ” is also on the list. Last year’s hit song “Little Apple” by “Chopsticks Brothers” drops two, the position row third, but still very popular. TFBOYS band have three songs on the list.

Below is the full list of China’s ten most popular songs in the first half of 2015:

1. Fleet in Time 匆匆那年 – Faye Wong 王菲

The song “Fleet of Time” is the theme song of the same title film, which focuses on the lives of young Chinese during the 1990s. Faye Wong’s amazing voice coupled with touching lyrics make every note hit inmost heart of listeners.

2. Like You 喜欢你 – Deng Ziqi G.E.M.邓紫棋

“Like You” is a cover of the old song from Beyond. G.E.M. makes the song more popular in Chinese singing competition program “I am a Singer 2”.

3. Little Apple 小苹果 – by Chopstick Brothers 筷子兄弟

“Little Apple” by Chopsticks Brothers was a Chinese hit song in 2014. Though its heat drops this year, but still very popular online.

4. Amorous Moonlight 多情的月光 – 正月十五

The song is sang by a new rising star band “Zhengyue Shiwu”, which rose to fame in the talented show “Avenue of Stars” in 2013.


This is a new song by Chinese idol group TFBOYS. The song uses steady and slow pace to give an interpretation of the young boys`s pursuit of dreams.

6. When You Are Old 当你老了 – Karen Mok 莫文蔚

The song is adapted from the same name poem by Irish poet William Butler Yeats. Karen’s magnetic voice really touches our heart.

7. Favour 宠爱 – TFBOYS

The song is also from TFBOYS. The song has totally different style with the song “样 (YOUNG)” and uses relaxed and cheerful pace to express the most sentimental love emotion of the ’00s.

8 Power to Go 行走的力量 – Li Ronghao 李荣浩

The song is created by Li Ronghao for the personal charity “Power to go” by Chinese singer Chen Kun.

9 Qingping Tune 清平调 – Teresa Teng/Faye Wong 邓丽君/王菲

The song was Teresa Teng’s last unfinished song “Qingping Tune” adapted from a poem by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai. Teng just performed the first part and died in 1995, and Faye Wong performed on the stage to finish the rendition.

10. Manual of Youth 青春修炼手册 – TFBOYS

With the dynamic melody, catchy lyrics and funny musical style, the song tells fans that how the three lovely band grow and become famous.

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